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Welcome to the ClimateGate FOIA Grepper !!!

This is a searchable service of both ClimateGate I and II emails. All full emails, telephone numbers and passwords have been redacted (replaced with ???). Note: you can still search by them if you know them, they just won't show in the results. The text search is case insensitive and an exact phrase match (so if you want to exactly match a word put a space on the end), use the CC option to hide CC lines from the results (visual clutter). The results are in time order, with the time given as UK time.

To get started try searching for words like 'skeptical', 'redefine', 'hockey stick', 'peer review' and 'hide the decline'. Also look at the FOIA top 100 searches.

If your wondering why this is on an Eco site its because we are interested in fact led science research that leads to a better future for all; ClimateGate is very indicative that at the very core of climate research the high standards that we all expected for such core science research are not being upheld. See this article and its conclusion for how we think this is adversely effecting the science and in this case is such a big issue.

Under ACTA and TTP it is unlikely you would have this service, learn more about ACTA and TTP here

Search Text:
   Skip CC lines   Match case   Match only whole words
   Hint: if you want to avoid matching email addresses, put in a space.

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