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date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 13:19:51 -0500
from: "Michael E. Mann" <???>
subject: RE: [Fwd: Call for Abstracts EGU CL7: Land-Atmosphere-Ocean
to: Phil Jones <???>

I'm also thinking of splurgung, though not for the really swanky on the water option...

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From: "Phil Jones" <???>
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Sent: 1/9/08 12:47 PM
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Call for Abstracts EGU CL7: Land-Atmosphere-Ocean linkages throughout the Quaternary]

     As I've booked the flights on frequent flyer miles, I'm wondering if I can
convince myself (my grant) that I can justify the hotel....

     I'll muse on that tonight..

Thanks for advertising the Vienna session.


At 17:41 09/01/2008, you wrote:
>Hi Phil,
>OK, I'll do this, hopefully later this
>afternoon. I hear you on the 'multitasking'. I
>can no longer keep up w/ emails, etc. and get anything done. arggh!
>looking forward to seeing you in Tahiti, we can
>enjoy some nice tropical drinks w/ umbrellas in them.
>where are you planning on staying by the way? I
>haven't decided yet. The cheap options sound way
>to spartan to me, but the nicer options are so expensive!
>talk to you later,
>Phil Jones wrote:
>> Mike,
>>     If you have time to send one out I'd appreciate it.
>> Stick my name at the end if you want. I'm getting 2-3
>> emails per day about sessions at EGU. I have so much on
>> at the moment - trying to get Wengen finished. This is just
>> continually hassling Keith and Tim here!
>>    Also loads of marking and projects/papers trying to finish.
>> I do hope to come to Tahiti - have booked the flights on
>> air miles. Having trouble multi-tasking at the moment!
>> It seems to be getting harder !
>> Cheers
>> Phil
>>At 16:21 09/01/2008, you wrote:
>>>HI Phil,
>>>I hope you enjoyed the holidays and new year.
>>>I think I'll see you soon in Tahiti, right?
>>>Do you mind sending out an email to
>>>paleoclimate and CLIMLIST for our EGU session,
>>>like the one below? As I mentioned, I won't be
>>>able to make it (too much other demands on my
>>>time in April), but happy to help w/ the
>>>scheduling, etc. But I feel awkward sending
>>>out the email announcement knowing that I won't be attending.
>>>thanks for any help,
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>>>Subject: Call for Abstracts EGU CL7:
>>>Land-Atmosphere-Ocean linkages throughout the Quaternary
>>>Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 14:49:16 +010 ???
>>>From: Isabel Cacho <mailto:???><???>
>>>Reply-To: <mailto:???>???
>>>CC: Peter Kershaw
>>>Jan-Berend Stuut <mailto:???><???>
>>>Dear Colleagues,
>>>We'd like to draw your attention to this EGU session and inviting youto
>>>submit your abstracts.
>>>EGU 5th General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 13 - 18 April 2008
>>>*CL7 Land-Atmosphere-Ocean linkages throughout the Quaternary*
>>>Interactions between ocean- and atmosphere processes are crucial for the
>>>identification of important feedbacks in climate change. Therefore, we
>>>need integrated studies of marine and terrestrial proxies and detailed
>>>land-sea correlations to establish the sensitivity and phase responseof
>>>these different systems.
>>>This session seeks to examine marine and terrestrial records on orbital
>>>to sub-millennial timescales, but with focus on different records from
>>>the same archive. We especially invite papers on sediment cores that
>>>establish links between land, atmosphere, and ocean by e.g., focusingon
>>>proxy records describing the different players derived from the same
>>>Jan-Berend Stuut
>>>Peter Kershaw
>>>Isabel Cacho
>>>Thorsten Kiefer
>>>*Dead line for Abstract Submission: 14 January 1008*
>>>*More information:
>>>Isabel Cacho
>>>GRC Geociències Marines, Dept. Estrat. Paleont. i Geoc. Marines
>>>Facultat de Geologia, Universitat de Barcelona
>>>C/ Martí Franques s/n
>>>08028 Barcelona (Spain)
>>>Tel. office: + ???
>>>Tel. lab: + ???
>>>Fax: + ???
>>>e-mail: <mailto:???>???
>>>Michael E. Mann
>>>Associate Professor
>>>Director, Earth System Science Center (ESSC)
>>>Department of
>>>Phone: (814)???
>>>503 Walker
>>>FAX: (814)???
>>>The Pennsylvania State University
>>>email: <mailto:???>???
>>>University Park, PA 16802-5013
>>Prof. Phil Jones
>>Climatic Research Unit        Telephone +44 ???
>>School of Environmental Sciences    Fax +44 ???
>>University of East Anglia
>>Norwich                         Email
>>NR4 7TJ
>Michael E. Mann
>Associate Professor
>Director, Earth System Science Center (ESSC)
>Department of Meteorology             Phone: (814)???
>503 Walker Building                    FAX: (814)???
>The Pennsylvania State
>University     email: <mailto:???>???
>University Park, PA 16802-5013

Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit        Telephone +44 ???
School of Environmental Sciences    Fax +44 ???
University of East Anglia
Norwich                         Email    ???
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