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Christmas Decorations

There are lots you can do with Xmas decorations to reduce your Eco impact and be more green.

1. Recycle decorations
Collect up any empty packages, fabric scraps,old cards, paints; then with scissors and glue let your creativity flow...

2. Edible decorations
If you cook, make some edible decorations, i.e. biscuits, fruit, marzipan, etc. Great with the kids.

3. Use what you have
If you have a box of decorations - see that you use them. The 'Eco Cost' with them has already being paid, so not using them would be the worst thing to do.

4. Xmas Lights
If you must have these, first make sure they are actually legal - so many fires get started by bad/old wiring on these it's not a joke. Secondly, do put the lights on a timer, so they are on when you are there and off when you aren't.

Christmas Trees

Millions of Christmas trees worldwide are 'dumped' or destroyed. This is real waste, as the trees pump out oxygen in return for using climate-changing CO2.

Now you can choose not to buy the tree, but the problem here is that the supplier won't grow the tree's unless there is the demand, so no net gain for the environment. So if you must buy a tree:

  • Make sure its roots are in good condition and that it is in a good pot; and,
  • Once you have it home keep it away from strong heat sources in the house and give it water, i.e. don't let it dry out.

Once you are done with the tree, plant it! Although do inquire with the place you bought it from that you haven't bought a tree that will dwarf your backyard in 5 years time!

If you can't plant it - find out if anybody else wants it. Then make sure you dispose of it in an Eco friendly manor, i.e. take to a recycling center to be shredded and composted.

If you don't want to buy a tree, look around outdoors for fallen cones, branches, and ivy, and use this to transform your home into a magical natural wonderland. If you don't have a yard then you can buy a synthetic tree, but only as long as you keep reusing it, using it once and throwing it away is not the right thing to be doing (also do make sure it is fire safe).

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Green Christmas, is it possible?
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