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Knee deep in Batteries?

Wind-ups toys and solar-powered gifts apart, Xmas brings yet more battery-hungry appliances and toys. Therefore use mains or go for rechargeable appliances where possible, and treat your household to a battery charger or two - preferably one that charges NiMH batteries, these are the least damaging to the environment, and recharge up to 1000 times.

Also educate the children to turn off the toys when they are finished with them. You would be amazed how this simple little bit of education can make toy batteries last a lot longer. In fact even educate them on how to do the recharging as well.

Christmas Shopping

If you feel the urge to go out and shop at Christmas, do consider the alternatives:

Go online
Plenty of online stores now selling everything you could either want as a gift or to give as a gift.

Order and delivery online
Quite a few online stores will both process and gift wrap the present for you - this halves the posting needed (i.e. you don't have to post it onto the recipient). so if the recipient lives in another country or is inter state, definitely consider this.

But if you must shop, do make sure that:

  • You shop as locally as you can;
  • Limit your number of trips, better one big 'super shop' than loads of little shops; and,
  • If you can be this organized, shop ahead, i.e. buy Christmas presents 4/5/6 months in advance.

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Green Christmas, is it possible?
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