A study: The temperature rise has caused the CO2 Increase, not the other way around

By Eco Guy 1:16am 10th June 2010
Differentiating the CO2 measurements over the last thirty years produces a pattern that matches the temperature anomaly measured by satellites in extreme detail. That this correlation includes El NiƱo years, and shows that the temperature rise is causing the rise in CO2, rather than the other way..

See here for the full original article. But to show the significance of this the conclusion is shown below:


Using two well accepted data sets, a simple model can be used to show that the rise in CO2 is a result of the temperature anomaly, not the other way around.  This is the exact opposite of the IPCC model that claims that rising CO2 causes the temperature anomaly.

We offer no explanation for why global temperatures are changing now or have changed in the past, but it seems abundantly clear that the recent temperature rise is not caused by the rise in CO2 levels.

Again, to make it clear, I'm all for caring about the environment, but when it is becoming more and more clear that the fundamental basis behind CO2 as the root cause of climate change (and by implication us) is looking very suspect - one must doubt why all this focus on controlling CO2? What is this really going to do?

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