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What does Free Range Eggs mean?

By Eco Guy 8:07am 17th November 2012
What do you think Free Range Eggs means in Australia? Well, apparently there is no standard definition of what Free Range is...

Free Range Eggs, no standard definition!!!

Yes, that is right, there is no standard definition as to what Free Range means in Australia. Apparently in practice Free Range is applied to anything from 750 to 20,000 chickens per hectare.. Not exactly what you thought it meant is it?

Now given people pay up to $5 more per dozen eggs for it being Free Range, this is recipe for paying over the odds for not what you expected.

There is a voluntary code in place that pegs the density at 15,000 per hectare but there is no mandatory code. The industry is pushing for Free Range to be defined as 20,000 per hectare but only 1% of people that is really 'Free Range'...

Now the current situation is better than Caged chickens which only get 450cm2 each, but if the density of the Free Range chickens is too high you end up with a poorer quality egg. We keep true Free Range chickens who roam over 5 acres, and the quality of the eggs is excellent - lovely flavour, deep orange colour & fresh.
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