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  • Building orientation to the Sun is important to reduce energy consumption, keeping comfortable and saving money. This article explains how best to get building orientation correct. Through a combination of benefits and opportunities the correct building orientation could save you thousands.
  • More and more trials and studies are being published that are demonstrating a possible link between your likelihood of catching and suffering serious outcomes from a COVID-19 infection and having low levels of Vitamin D.
  • Trombe Walls can provide free heating, cooling and ventilation. We explain how Trombe Walls work; how to build a Trombe Wall and how such a wall saves money by reducing energy usage.
  • Home Battery Storage Buying Guide
     Sun, 12 Nov 17, 9:23pm
    Buying a Solar Home Battery Storage system can be a confusing undertaking, in this guide we examine the issues, clear up the confusion and give you useful advice.
  • Electricity costs are constantly increasing. This article explains 10 top tips that are cost effective and practical.
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  • lonnydk on Units Conversion Calculator
     “I used the eave depth calculator but never seem to be able ro see where the answer is and the calc form returns...”
  • John Harris on Underfloor heating, is it Green?
     “Eco magic!! What a world we live in.”
  • Tucker Miller on DIY Decking Oil
     “Thanks so much for sharing the DIY Wood oil. I'm going to try this on my deck”
  • Sarah Mould on Units Conversion Calculator
     “Um, what Peta said! I want to calculate overhang for my dormer windows, where the bottom of the glazing is...”
  • Ray on DIY Decking Oil
     “Thanks for the information! We try to give as good DIY info like this to our customers. We will share this...”
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  • Are Lithium Ion Batteries Safe?
     Thu, 30 Mar 17, 9:25pm
    We ask if Lithium Ion Batteries are actually safe for use in home power storage systems or not?
  • The new solar batteries Comparison Table is now live. After much hard work, the Solar Batteries Comparison Table is now live. This lists the most common batteries for use with solar panels...
  • The AGW alarmists seem to think the Feb 2016 sudden uptick in temperature is caused by Co2, this is not the case, its a strong El Niño - as it matches what has happened before. Given the current screaming...
  • This video exposes the gross hypocrisy of the Green movement and the damage their policies are causing to the environment and peoples standard of living - their are effectively anti-people and dangerous...
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  • Environment Issues
    All about the environment and how we are affecting it and what we can do to improve things for the future
  • Climate Change
    Climate Change / Global Warming, what it is, is it real and how it effects us.
  • Solar Power
    Solar Power news, articles and advice on being more self sufficient by the sun. Info on batteries, grid connected power, solar panels, inverters, etc.
  • Wind Power
    Wind Power, what it is and how to do it. News and articles on wind power.
  • Recycling
    Recycling is important to sustainable living as it reduces what goes into landfill and reduces the need to supply new products.
  • Pollution
    Unfortunately pollution does happen, read all about it here.
  • Green Building
    Making sure what you build is green, sustainable and energy efficient is of prime importance.
  • Organic Food
    Organic food is not only good for you, its good for the environment as well. Learn about how to grow it or who supplies it.
  • Batteries and Solar
    All you want to know about Solar Power and using them with batteries in a residential or commercial context.
  • LED Lighting
    The latest in LED Lights and how to use.
  • Corona Virus
    Everything about Corona Virus
  • COVID-19 and Vitamin-D
    Articles and Information relating to COVID-19 and Vitamin-D
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Give your computer a nap
Set your computers to go to sleep when not in use. Creating short energy breaks can cut energy use by up to 70 percent.
Chill efficiently
Refrigerators and freezer units account for one-sixth of a home's energy use, so select energy-efficient models when buying a replacements.
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