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The one stop mineral makeup shop for the pure of heart and the pure of face. At Mineralissima we can offer you an incredible range of natural, beautiful and flawless mineral cosmetics and accessories, all made from Mother Natures best set of ingredients.

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At Mineralissima the word ‘beauty’ holds certain connotations for us, such as pure, natural and breath taking and these connotations provide the key, base ingredients for our mineral makeup. Due to these values and beliefs associated with beauty, our natural cosmetics are completely natural and none of our products are tested on animals, as we believe in beauty without cruelty with all of our natural cosmetics. Dedicated to innovation, although we are not producing 100% vegan cosmetics just yet, we are making continuous breakthroughs all the time and are getting closer to this reality every single day, because we want to deliver to you, the very best and the most natural product this beautiful earth can produce.

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