Green Search

What is this Green Search Engine?
This search engine is only indexing Eco, Environmental or Green focussed web sites. Therefore if you want to quickly find Eco and Environmentally related facts and information, then this eco search engine is ideal.

Will the Green Search Engine find what I'm looking for?
Yes, as long as its Eco, Environmental or Green related. Also the combination of 'human intelligence' as to what sites make up this index, with the built in ranking algorithms, should result in good 'signal to noise' ratio on the results; i.e. no sites are included which are 'spammy' or uninformative.

Also, how the pages rank against each other in our search engine is purely based on references from other sites within our index; it is not a 'view' onto green sites from a whole web search engine. So you should get more relevant results when you search with us. In effect the ranking is 'Green focussed' too.

Have a go at searching and see what we mean.

Want your site indexed?
If you have a none commerical, Eco, Environmental or Green focussed web site you want indexed, let us know by leaving a comment with its address.

Example Green Searches:

Currently 11323 documents are indexed.

Note: EcoWho's Green Search Engine is now browser Open Search Enabled - see your browser's search box.