R-Value, solar power, insulation and rainfall Calculators and Tools
  • R-Value Calculator

    R-Value Calculator

    R-Value calculator to work out the total R-Value of a set of materials, say in a wall, ceiling or floor. Great for working out rate of heat loss or gain.
  • R-Value Area Calculator

    R-Value Area Calculator

    Calculator to help work out the total R-Value of a wall with a window or other fitting within it.
  • Attic Insulation Cost Calculator

    Attic Insulation Cost Calculator

    Works out the material costs of installing attic insulation and the number of Batts required.
  • Insulation Batts Coverage Calculator

    Insulation Batts Coverage Calculator

    Calculator for the number of insulation batt packs required for a ceiling or wall. Also works out how downlights effect the final insulation R-Value.
  • R-value to U-value Calculator

    R-value to U-value Calculator

    R-value to U-value conversion calculator
  • Solar Power Calculator

    Solar Power Calculator

    Calculate the power solar panels will generate each season based on latitude or nearest town or city worldwide. Also works out off grid energy savings of going solar powered..
  • Passive Solar Design Eaves Calculator

    Passive Solar Design Eaves Calculator

    Works out the ideal Eave depth for a given height of window and world location; so the Sun comes in in Winter but not Summer, maximizing the passive solar effect.
  • Energy Storage Battery Savings Calculator

    Energy Storage Battery Savings Calculator

    Works out how long an investment in an energy storage time shifting system would take to pay back in full. Such systems typically charge a battery during the off peak period and then discharge during the peak period, so saving the difference in price between peak and off peak.
  • Units Conversion Calculator

    Units Conversion Calculator

    Interactive conversion Calculator for multiple units and measurements. Simple to use.
  • Solar Wiring Size Calculator

    Solar Wiring Size Calculator

    Interactive Solar Panel Wiring Size Calculator. Makes sure your wiring is the right size for a given distance, power and voltage drop. Works in metric or imperial.
  • Solar System Savings Calculator

    Solar System Savings Calculator

    Interactive calculator to help work out the savings from installing a solar power system and when it breaks even. Can factor in Feed in Tariffs, rising electrical bill costs and comparative investment returns.
  • Underfloor heating running cost calculator

    Underfloor heating running cost calculator

    Helps you work out the running cost of electric based underfloor heating taking into account peak and off-peak electricity prices
  • Room Area Calculator

    Room Area Calculator

    Easily work out the floor area, volume and wall area of a given room.
  • Rainfall and rain harvesting calculator

    Rainfall and rain harvesting calculator

    This rainfall calculator will work out what your expected 'rough' average monthly rainfall should be from the nearest measuring stations for which we have publicly usable data. Also if you supply the width and length of your roof you will be told the amount of water you can collect.
  • Green Home Loan Repayment Calculator

    Green Home Loan Repayment Calculator

    Works out the repayments on a home loan and displays a handy graph to show you how quickly you are paying off the loan. Also allows you to check how green your house is and if the money saved could help pay off the loan sooner.
  • Rainwater Harvesting Calculator

    Rainwater Harvesting Calculator

    Works out what your expected rainfall capture should be over a given year, along with your minimal tank size to have constant water given an average monthly demand. Can take monthly rainfall figures from BOM site direct.
  • Solar Panel Calculator

    Solar Panel Calculator

    This solar panel calculator will, given the Watt rating of a solar panel, its dimensions and number of units calculate the total power you can expect and roof space taken up. It will also tell you the rated voltage and ampage, useful for correctly sizing an inverter or regulator.
  • Energy Consumption Calculator

    Energy Consumption Calculator

    Work out how much power your devices and appliances use with the total cost. Also shows how much standby/phantom power costs you. Helps you save money.