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This solar power calculator will, given the Watt rating of a solar panel, your solar panel location and your grid cost of electricity produce a table indicating the estimated solar powered energy you can expect to generate from an installed system in Winter and Summer, along with the yearly average and equivalent costs of supplying the same electricity from the grid (or if your government operates a 'gross' feed-in residential tariff, put that in amount to see how much you get paid).

You can use this information to calculate the expected rate of cost saving or return and the number of solar panels you need for a given power load.

Values for the solar panel system 50 w is normal power
Tick if the mount tracks the Sun, leave unticked if fixed
Values for the location of the solar panel OR

Enter 0.1 if you do not know
Cost of 'grid' electricity or Recharge cost in cents for grid elec (or solar recharge/gross tariff)


Remember, the values calculated here for solar power output should be taken as a rough guide, it does not take into account other effects (like cloud cover, transmissions losses, building and tree shading, etc). It should therefore be considered a best case figure.

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