Terms and Conditions and Fair Use policies

1. Registration and Login Names

1.1 In order to utilise certain EcoWho services or submit content, you will be required to apply for registration to establish an account with EcoWho.

1.2 When registering a genuine email address must be provided for which you are the recipient.

1.3 When registering your real name and month and year of birth must be provided for identity verfication purposes.

1.4 EcoWho may refuse or suspend registration whose usernames are considered inappropriate. Grounds for refusal may include (but not limited by): offensive content; obscenity; abuse; defamatory content; incitement; copyright infringement; brand names or registered trademarks; company or organisation names; names of high-profile or public figures; or names promoting political, religious, social or economic issues.

2. Passwords and Security

2.1 You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your password.

2.2 Accordingly, you understand and agree you are fully responsible for all actions and submissions made from your account.

2.3 If you become aware of any unauthorised use of your account, you should notify EcoWho immediately.

3. Listing

3.1 EcoWho reserves the right to refuse or remove a Listing at any time for any reason. In particular a listing will be refused or removed for the following reasons:

  1. the Listing is in breach of common law.
  2. the Site to which the Listing refers to is not available, empty or redirects to another Site.
  3. the Listing or the Site to which the Listing refers to does not contain any significant Eco Content or does not provide any Eco Services.
  4. the Listing or the Site to which the Listing refers to contains adult or offensive content.
  5. the Listing or the Site to which the Listing refers to is deceptive for the purposes of identify theft.
  6. The Site to which the Listing refers to contains material or viruses which could put a computer at harm.
  7. The material content of the Listing is not related to the material content of the Site to which the Listing refers.
  8. The material content of the Listing is not related to any Category it is listed in.

3.2 The individual or business providing a listing warrants to EcoWho that:

  1. the listing content is not in breach of any Intellectual Property, copyright or trademark laws
  2. they agree not to sell or promote any copyrighted, trademarked or other Intellectual Property service or product for which they do not have the legal right to do so.

4. Site indexing by EcoWho

4.1 EcoWho requires that a submitted Listing Site that is indexed in our search engine provide the following:

  1. A link back to the EcoWho home page on a page within at most one click from the Site home page.
  2. The link back to EcoWho be visible to all visitors, users and web site crawlers alike.
  3. The link back to EcoWho be on a page that can be navigated to from the Site home page by users and web site crawlers alike.
  4. Clicking on the link back to EcoWho will take you straight to the EcoWho home page, and no interstitual pages or advertising are to be displayed.
  5. The link back to EcoWho can be navigated at all times by web site crawlers.
  6. EcoWho will not be restricted from crawling the Listing Site for content.

4.2 EcoWho warrants that:

  1. The robots.txt protocol will be observed for the purposes of crawler rate control and content selection.
  2. No more than one page at a time shall be retrived from the Listing Site server.
  3. We shall obtain and index no more than 500 pages from the Listing Site.
  4. We shall revisit the Listing Site checking for new content with a frequency no less than once every 12 days.

4.3 The following content will be excluded from indexing:

  1. Swear words and adult terms
  2. Pages for the purposes of user sign-in, registration, printing and sign-off.
  3. Pages for the purpose of content submission.
  4. Pages that are content copies of already indexed pages from the site.

5. Comment policy

  1. All comments must be made with either a valid email address or currently active account; comments not following this requirement will be deleted.
  2. Comments which are clearly spam, advertising, illegal or inflammatory in nature will be deleted.

6. Blog post policy

  1. Blog posts are either intended as honest opinion (fair comment), innocent publication (reposting of posts off other sites) or information distribution (factual).
  2. If you believe a posting is incorrect please contact us using the online contact form; please state what you believe to be incorrect with references if possible and we will investigate and correct as required.

7. General

  1. EcoWho does not expressely recommend, sponsor or otherwise endorse any of the services Listed on its site.
  2. Contacting with or engaging with a listed service through us does not engage us as an agent on your behalf.
  3. We offer no warranty nor liability with respect to the services or conduct of the services listed on EcoWho.