Welcome to EcoWho

EcoWho is under rapid construction. The features available are:

  • The Eco Web Search; lets you to search the Eco & Green Web using our dedicated search engine, now indexing directly 2 million plus pages,
  • Various informative articles you can read on green and environmental matters. You can also comment on each article if you so wish.
  • Online calculators and tools.
  • Online green directory of sites and companies providing green services.
  • User accounts and personalisation.
  • An indepth Eco dictionary you can explore, with cross references and explainations, and,
  • Daily updated Eco News

With EcoWho we are focussing on being 'Eco informative'; i.e. mentally 'equip' you with real facts and directly useful information to directly live a better and more green and eco friendly life - rather than bombarding you with thinly disguised info advertising and other 'greenwash'. We feel that the biggest contribution we all can make to helping the real long term environment (and ourselves) is to share our eco knowledge & experiences and apply them directly - we hope EcoWho will act as a bridge in this process. Also we strive to be balanced and analytical, as with the involvement of big businesses and politics in the eco space, its becoming really hard to seperate the facts from the fiction - we are here to help you form a 'fact based' view on the environment and, by extension, seek to educate and engage the best thing on this planet to help the environment over the longer term, i.e. your brain.

EcoWho has been operating for over 10 years now and is proud to continue providing this service for free to its visitors.

Please keep coming back to check our progress and comment on EcoWho, we would love to hear your feedback. If you like what we are doing, please share on social media, the more people who are truly educated on the environment, the better for all.

Please Note: We are not affiliated in any way with the Chinese supplier of LED lighting of the same name and we do not endorse, support nor recommend their LED lighting products in any shape or form, we have been around since 2009, well before they set up. If you are aware of any 'passing off' of EcoWho or this has caused you some confusion, please contact us using the comment form below and provide details of what occurred.

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Environmental Impact Statement

This website has been so configured to be as efficient as possible in serving the pages of content to you (hence why the graphic 'bling' is lower than you might expect on similar sites). In addition it is running on a shared server configured to adjust its power consumption based on demand. Although we consider our biggest 'impact' will be in actually educating people to be more eco friendly.