> What is Passive Solar?

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What is Passive Solar?
Last updated 6:38 am, Wednesday 31st May 2017

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What is Passive Solar?
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  • Francois said:

    Hi! Amazing website.. very happy to have found it. I was actually looking for solutions to cool down my cheese cave which I just built and which is 6 deg C too hot... That I havent found but, I am also about to build a small house in the mountains, in Nepal on a North East facing slope.. and I find lots of good ideas to have it a warmed in winters. In winters the sun goes down at 3.30 pm... the house will have to face north east to overlook at the Himalayas.. So I am thinking to build a trombe wall on the South.. I was thinking to build the house with local stones and mud.. but maybe I should build the South wall with cement and stones if I want the trombe wall option ? right ? Thank you again Fran├žois

    ON Fri, 20 May 11, 4:26am probably from Nepal  Reply to this comment

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