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  • Ocean Surface Temperature Limit-Part 2
    The surface temperature in the Persian Gulf has been observed to reach 307K in August but examining the atmospheric profile shows the mid-level moisture content is too low to create the LFC needed before deep convection can develop...
  • Cold Air Rises – How Wrong Are Our Global Climate Models?
    From Scitechdaily By University of California Davis May 6, 2020 The lightness of water vapor buffers climate warming in the tropics. Conventional knowledge has it that warm air rises while cold air sinks. But a study from the University of California,...
  • Pollution enhanced thunderstorms warm the planet?
    From the DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, something that doesn’t make much sense to me. As shown in the diagram above, thunderstorms transport heat from the lower troposphere upwards. The heat source at the base of the atmosphere (at the...

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