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Zenith Angle

The angle between the direction of interest (of the sun, for example) and the zenith (directly overhead).

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Zinc-Bromine Battery

The zinc–bromine flow battery is a type of hybrid flow battery. A solution of zinc bromide is stored in two tanks. When the battery is charged or discharged the solutions (electrolytes) are pumped through a reactor stack and back into the tanks. One tank is used to store the electrolyte for the positive electrode reactions and the other for the negative.

The zinc–bromine battery can be regarded as an electroplating machine to store and provide electrical power. During charging zinc is electroplated onto conductive electrodes, while at the same time bromine is formed. On discharge the reverse process occurs, the metallic zinc plated on the negative electrodes dissolves in the electrolyte and is available to be plated again at the next charge cycle. It can be left fully discharged indefinitely without damage.

An example of a Zinc-Bromine flow battery is the ZCell.

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The distribution patterns of organisms in different biogeographic zones.

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Focusing on animals; giving preference to animals above all other considerations.

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