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Zcell Details

Shown in the table below are the key characteristics of the battery in question.

Note: We would strongly advise you double check the specifications of the battery and warranty conditions in detail before you purchase to determine its suitability for your usage case, as things do change and often without much notice.

Product Name
Battery Chemistry
Flow (Zinc-Bromide)
All in One Unit
Estimated Price
Nominal Capacity
10.00 kWh
Usable Storage Capacity
10.00 kWh
290.00 kgs
Steady Power
3.00 kWh
Peak Power
5.00 kWh
Dimensions (WHD)
50.0cm x 115.0cm x 100.0cm
Cycle Life
3,650 @ 100% DoD
Round Trip Efficiency
Can be used Off Grid
Can install indoors
Can install outdoors
Operating temperature range
10℃ to 50℃
Supports 1 Phase
Supports 3 Phase
Internet Capable
Warranty Document
100% capacity at 10 years, or 36,500 kWh. Whichever is first.
Total warranted kWh
36,500 kWh
(1.0 cycle/day)
Cost per warranted kWh
(unlimited cycles per day)
$0.35 per kWh
(1.0 cycle/day)
Cost per warranted Kwh
(exactly 1 cycle per day)
$0.35 per kWh
Storage density
by weight
0.03 kWh per kg
Storage density
by volume
17.39 Kwh per m³

Battery Pros

Long Warranty
Warranty is 10 years or over, which shows commitment to their product.
Warranty covers at least 1 cycle per day
Seems you can use the battery daily under warranty. Ideal if you are looking to do daily time-shifting.
Warranty covers max expected power
The warranty covers the expected power usage of the battery on a daily basis.
10 kWh or more of usable storage
Typical household usage requires at least 10 kWh of power storage to be useful, this has it in the one unit.
Full Depth of Discharge
All the battery capacity is available for you to use.

Battery Cons

Heavy Weight
Will require specialist installation as over 125 kgs. Plus possibly specific site requirements (loading and access).
Low Round Trip Efficiency
Loosing more than 10% in power in a charge/discharge cycle. Requires more charging power than a more efficient system for the rated output. You need to take this into account when working out the true costs.

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