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Nacreous Clouds

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Natural Products

Natural Products are products made using natural organic ingredients and none factory processes. Often made by small independent local businesses or individuals.

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Negative Feedback

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Net Metering

Net Metering is a method of crediting customers for electricity that they generate on site in excess of their own electricity consumption. Customers with their own generation offset the electricity they would have purchased from their utility. If such customers generate more than they use in a billing period, their electric meter turns backwards to indicate their net excess generation.

Depending on individual state or utility rules, the net excess generation may be credited to their account (in many cases at the retail price), carried over to a future billing period, or ignored.

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Nitrilotriacetic Acid

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Nitrogen Cycle

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Nitrogen Fixation

Conversion of atmospheric nitrogen gas into forms useful to plants and other organisms by lightning, bacteria, and blue-green algae; it is part of the nitrogen cycle.

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Water that is unsafe or unpalatable to drink because it contains pollutants, contaminants, minerals, or infective agents.

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Nonpoint Sources

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Null Electricity

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Null Hypothesis

The assumption that any observed difference between two samples of a statistical population is purely accidental and not due to systematic causes.

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Nutrient Pollution

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