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Warmer Porn

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Waste Reduction

This is a process to reduce or eliminate the amount of waste generated at its source or to reduce the amount of toxicity from waste or the reuse of materials. The best way to reduce waste is not to create it in the first place.

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Water Conservation

The protection, development, and efficient management of water resources for beneficial purposes. Often by a managed reduction in the usage of water.

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Water Footprint

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Water Table

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Water Tank

A water tank is a storage device for the safe storage of water. They can be made from concrete, plastic or steel and can be so engineered to store drinkable water for a long time safely. Water tanks are often a fixed installation either under or besides a property. In a home context they often used to harvest rain water from roofs for use either around the garden or to supply tap water. 

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Water-efficient Products

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Watt-hour (WHr) is a measurement of power with respect to time. One watt-hour is equal to one watt being used for a period of one hour.

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Wave Power

The refers to using the periodic movement of the waves to generate power, usually in the form of electrical energy.

The wave energy can either be harvested out to sea using buoys or arrays of pontoons. Also if a coastline 'funnels' the waves in the right way, you can construct a wave dam to generate power by hydro.

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Wet Deposits

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Wind Farm

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Wind Power

This refers to using the wind to generate power, either directly in the form of mechanical energy (i.e. for pumping water) or via generators to produce electricity.

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Wind Turbine

A turbine having a large vaned wheel rotated by the wind to generate electricity. Often collected together to form 'farms'.

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Wood Energy

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