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This ceiling or attic insulation batts cost calculator will work out for you the number of insulation batt packs you will need to cover a ceiling or attic area for you and therefore the total cost. This way you can easily find out what the cost is.

Values for the attic area

Standard centres are 450mm and 600mm
Fixtures within the attic area
Batts Details

Attic Insulation Cost Options No Yes
(Calculator normally only fits by total linear length of batts required, in this mode it will also fit by part widths as well, could save on Batts, but will mean more cutting as you cannot just squeeze them in)


To get best benefit from this attic insulation costs calculator you need to do the following:

  1. Work out the width and length (or height) of the space to the nearest cm
  2. Count all the downlights in the area.
  3. Measure the stud or joist spacing - the calculator assumes that the studs or joists run parallel to the shortest side (i.e. the width).
  4. Find out which Batt you are installing, its length, and the number of per pack and the cost per pack.
  5. Enter the values and click Calculate.

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