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This calculator will help you work out your total power usage and how much that costs, plus it will allow you to see how much power is used on standby/phantom power and how much that costs you.

To get best benefit from this energy consumption calculator you need to do the following:

  1. Do a quick walk around your property and note down all the devices and applicances that are plugged in.
  2. If the device has its wattage marked on it note it down and use that instead of the default values.
  3. When considering the power consumption time, devices that are always turned on should be entered as 24 hours.

Remember, the values calculated here should be taken as a rough guide, as the exact usage will depend on exactly how those devices are used and the conditions of their use.

BTW If you create an account for yourself you can save the device list you made and come back to them later..

Reset & do another calculation.

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