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This calculator will help you work out if installing a solar panel power system is financially worth the expense or not. It will tell you how long the system takes to break even (the payback period) and how much money you could be saving over its total life. Great for checking a solar quote.

Values for the quoted solar system This is the cost you actually pay after all rebates and RECs
Electricial output of the system given in the quotation.
Usually 20 to 30 years.
Inverter Replacement Figures Cost of replacing and installing new inverter after it fails
How long until an inverter fails (warranty plus half warranty period is typical)
Values for your electrical costs This is shown on your electrical bill
Around 4% is usual
Values for the Feed In Tariff
% Set to 100% if modelling gross Feed in Tariff

Model the Opportunity cost of the Capital

The money that you intend to spend on the solar system could be invested instead to provide a return, this allows you to model that return in comparision.

% Return say from a Bank account or bond


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