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  • A very bad boy Fri, 26 May 17, 5:30pm
    It seems that Lord Stern is a very bad boy. Very bad indeed.
  • Outlook bad for Shukla Wed, 2 Mar 16, 7:33pm
    Remember Jagadish Shukla, the American professor who called for racketeering laws to be used against sceptics? There was considerable interest when it was revealed that Prof Shukla appeared to be working full time for a charity...
  • Climate physician, heal thyself! Mon, 22 Feb 16, 10:52pm
    A reader sent me this breakdown of a climate scientist's carbon footprint. We should not even consider listening to them until they have dealt with their own excesses.
  • Teaching values Thu, 7 Jan 16, 10:56pm
    There is a rather interesting article in Times Higher Education about Joanna Williams, an academic who has taken it upon herself to criticise the close-mindedness of the academy...
  • The inner Duce Tue, 5 Jan 16, 10:44pm
    My review of Liberal Fascism the other day provoked a very long comments thread and lots of strong views. I was therefore interested to see this article by Joel Kotkin - a Democrat, albeit a conservative one.
  • Quote of the day, El Nino edition Tue, 5 Jan 16, 8:20am
    In the UK, [El Nino's] impact is likely to be subdued, although past experience suggests that a colder winter could result. Bill McGuire, Professor Emeritus in Geophysical & Climate Hazards at UCL
  • Gong with the wind Thu, 31 Dec 15, 8:06pm
    The New Year's honours list was published last night and as usual I have scanned it looking for familiar names. Strangely, yours truly has been overlooked again.
  • Saudi snow Mon, 14 Dec 15, 3:37am
    A reader in Saudi Arabia send this picture which was taken recently in the north of that country.
  • [T]he level of obfuscation the authors went to, in order to disguise their actual data, was intense. Statistical techniques appeared to have been chosen that would hide the study’s true results. And it appeared that...
  • More on the ice age scare Fri, 4 Dec 15, 8:46pm
      In Quadrant magazine, Tony Thomas has been doing some fascinating research on the 1970s ice age scare.
  • Oz Met Office hacked Wed, 2 Dec 15, 10:45pm
    The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has apparently been hacked.
  • Misconceptions and mislabellings Mon, 16 Nov 15, 8:05pm
    So, some minor brouhaha this morning over Roger Harrabin's piece about Richard Tol this morning. In it, Richard is quoted as follows:
  • Science (it says here) Wed, 11 Nov 15, 11:31pm
    Roger Harrabin has a new three part series on the science of climate change starting next week on Radio 4.
  • It's not often an article in Times Higher Education can make you laugh out loud, but Helga Nowotny's piece this week managed to reach those heights. Nowotny, from ETZ in Zurich, is writing about overselling of research results...
  • Climate Neutral Thu, 22 Oct 15, 7:00pm
    The UN climate people have got their tentacles everywhere.
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