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  • Chris Essex was at GWPF last night to lecture on "The Great Climate Change Fervour". Josh sends his cartoon notes.
  • FOI: Coyne ridiculous Tue, 2 Feb 16, 8:39pm
    As many readers are aware, our old friend Stephan Lewandowsky has recently published a paper in Nature that sets out his views on the circumstances in which scientists should release their data to others - the thrust of the...
  • Recollections of Bob Carter Mon, 25 Jan 16, 8:25pm
    This is a guest post by Professor David Henderson.
  • Bob Carter Wed, 20 Jan 16, 8:24pm
    I awake this morning to the sad news of the passing of Bob Carter.
  • Story time at the Guardian Thu, 14 Jan 16, 12:31am a week after Nic Lewis pubished his rather devastating critique of the Marvel et al paper, Dana Nuccitelli has decided it's time to tell the Graun readers about...the...
  • Seitz is no guarantee Thu, 24 Dec 15, 2:56am
    Readers are no doubt familiar with Harvard physicist Russell Seitz, a frequent commenter in these parts. If so you may be interested in an email I received today:
  • Letts laugh at the BBC Sat, 5 Dec 15, 7:51am
    Quentin Letts account of the way the BBC handled the complaint over his letting sceptics appear on his radio programme about the Met Office is very funny.
  • [T]he level of obfuscation the authors went to, in order to disguise their actual data, was intense. Statistical techniques appeared to have been chosen that would hide the study’s true results. And it appeared that...
  • Happer days Wed, 9 Dec 15, 1:37am
    Greenpeace are getting very excited about some of their latest "undercover" reporting. It seems that some of their staff posed as representatives of a coal-mining company and asked Will Happer to write them a report. Happer...
  • A state ideology Thu, 10 Dec 15, 1:10am
    Mark Steyn was breathtakingly good in his Congressional Testimony today.
  • Here's an excerpt from Matt Ridley's article in the Times a few days ago.
  • Our biggest problem is poverty Sat, 28 Nov 15, 12:00am
    This is a guest post by Ralf Bodelier, translated from an original in Dutch.
  • Eaten: A novel Tue, 17 Nov 15, 7:08pm
    Susan Crockford has written a novel about people being eaten by polar bears. Here's what she has to say about it.
  • RICO repercussions Tue, 17 Nov 15, 4:02am
    The RICO affair, in which a group of green-minded academics tried to get the full force of the law used against those who disagree with them, continues to have repercussions...
  • Enforcing the dogma Mon, 2 Nov 15, 7:25pm
    Over the weekend, news emerged that the decision by French weatherman Philippe Verdier to come out as a sceptic has resulted in swift retribution.
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