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  • Some oddities in HadSST Fri, 25 Mar 16, 11:27pm
    Reader John McLean emails with details of some surprising finds he has made in the Hadley Centre's sea-surface temperature record, HadSST. John is wondering whether others might like to take a look and confirm what he is...
  • Hot, apparently Thu, 21 Jan 16, 9:06pm
    © Copyright ronnie leask under CC licence. Click for link.So the stove is on, and outside the snow is starting to melt a little. It looks as though a thaw will set in by this evening.
  • "Nothing in it is correct" Wed, 13 Jan 16, 12:22am
    The eminent statistician (and occasional BH reader) Radford Neal has been writing a series of posts on global temperature data at his blog. There are three so far:
  • Sticking one's neck out Thu, 7 Jan 16, 9:44pm
    I avoid making predictions about the evolution of surface temperatures over the period of a few years. Those who choose to do so are frequently get themselves into trouble. James Annan lost his bet with GWPF's David Whitehouse...
  • The BBC and the chief scientist Fri, 8 Jan 16, 8:39pm
    Ben Pile highlights a fascinating comment at Guido's blog:
  • With all the stories of unprecedented weather in recent weeks it's important to observe that none of these claims ever seem to be accompanied by any historical context.
  • Sierra Club silliness Wed, 16 Dec 15, 2:59am
    Many thanks to John Shade for this hilarious video from the US Congress, which I hadn't seen before.
  • Surfacestations: the punchline Fri, 18 Dec 15, 9:09am
    And what a punchline it is. Anthony has finally published the results of his epic Surfacestations project, and it seems that the surface temperature record is as flawed as we thought. Here's the text of the press release.
  • We forgot the geography! Fri, 18 Dec 15, 10:48pm
    The British Medical Journal recently held a Q&A on climate science with, among others, Brian Hoskins. The results are paywalled, but I was amused by the excerpt from the start of the session in response to a question...
  • A new paper by Craig Loehle tries to address an area that has frequently been the cause of criticism of mainstream climate science -namely the blind eye it tends to turn to questions of natural variability...
  • Here's an excerpt from Matt Ridley's article in the Times a few days ago.
  • Without a Paris agreement, global warming is set to reach as much as 5C (41F) above pre-industrial levels. Scientists estimate that warming above 2C (35.6F) will result in catastrophic and irreversible changes to the weather,...
  • Settled science Mon, 23 Nov 15, 6:41am
    Much amusement is to be had from a posting at a blog called Sudden Oak Life. The author has recorded images of the Radcliffe surface temperature station in Oxford, part of the Central England Temperature Record and one of...
  • Snow grow situation Sat, 7 Nov 15, 3:38am
    Over on unthreaded, Sandy points us to this article at a blog that specialises in monitoring snow patches in the Scottish Highlands. The trend in August snow patches is not what you'd expect.
  • Meehl bashes Karl Tue, 27 Oct 15, 8:23pm
    The US CLIVAR project publishes a newsletter/cum journal, a recent issue of which was dedicated to the hiatus in global warming. Featuring papers from a variety of well-known climatologists, I was interested to see the headline...
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