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  • Sea ice holds firm Tue, 29 Mar 16, 8:30pm
    This morning's story appears to be the hoary old "Arctic sea ice in freefall" one.
  • Some oddities in HadSST Fri, 25 Mar 16, 11:27pm
    Reader John McLean emails with details of some surprising finds he has made in the Hadley Centre's sea-surface temperature record, HadSST. John is wondering whether others might like to take a look and confirm what he is...
  • Blogging is going to be light for a few days. In the meantime, Ben Webster (£) notes that corals are not nearly as threatened as previously thought.
  • Suppressing the good news Fri, 1 Jan 16, 9:45pm
    Just before Christmas, Steve Milloy reported on his successful bid to get the email correspondence relating to an op-ed in the New York Times, ostensibly by Richard Spinrad of NOAA and Ian Boyd, the chief scientist at Defra...
  • We forgot the geography! Fri, 18 Dec 15, 10:48pm
    The British Medical Journal recently held a Q&A on climate science with, among others, Brian Hoskins. The results are paywalled, but I was amused by the excerpt from the start of the session in response to a question...
  • Phytoplankton love carbon dioxide Tue, 1 Dec 15, 8:49pm
    Further to the last post, and with truly magnificent timing, I come across a new paper from John Hopkins University:
  • Made up of 33 low-lying coral atolls, Kiribati is shrinking as sea levels rise. Claim made by Paul Gregoire, without citation, in Vice magazine 4.84, 4.66, 3.57, 0.48 Percentage increase in area per decade of islands in...
  • An outbreak of sanity Fri, 13 Nov 15, 8:50pm
    The Australian is reporting that the New South Wales government has suddenly come over all sensible on the subject of sea-level rise.
  • Some months back I mentioned a fascinating study about a coral reef that was thriving at pH levels far lower than predicted by the most morbid of global warming doomsters...
  • Jumping the climate shark Tue, 29 Sep 15, 8:29pm
    Yes folks, we may have reached peak climate drivel, with the news that we are being saved from impending climate disaster by the heroic actions of a hardy bunch of...sharks.
  • The famous..erm...Maldives dykes, keeping the sea at bayAccording to one of Stefan Lewandowsky's colleagues at the Cabot Institute, more than 80% of the Maldives lie below sea level.
  • Gauges versus satellites Fri, 4 Sep 15, 7:51pm
    There is a fascinating post at No Tricks Zone on sea level rise, focusing particularly in the difference between the (heavily adjusted, short-term) satellite record and the (relatively pristine, long-term) tide-gauge data...
  • Hansen's direst forecast? Mon, 20 Jul 15, 11:59pm
    The Daily Beast recounts James Hansen's latest prognostication of doom under the headline 
  • No, it's natural variability Fri, 10 Jul 15, 6:35pm
    In the wake of Karl et al's frantic tweaking of the global temperature data in order to get the pause to disappear, a new paper by Nieves et al, also in Science, comes up with a different theory to explain what's happening,...
  • More on calcifiers Sun, 5 Jul 15, 2:26am
    In response to my comments on her appearance on BBC news, Daniela Schmidt has tweeted some thoughts. Recall that I highlighted some comments she had made in a Geology paper about calcifier exctinctions occurring tens of thousands...
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