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  • One of the more iconic figures from the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report was SPM10, which purports to show the relationship between cumulative carbon dioxide emissions and temperature.
  • Phytoplankton love carbon dioxide Tue, 1 Dec 15, 8:49pm
    Further to the last post, and with truly magnificent timing, I come across a new paper from John Hopkins University:
  • Jumping the climate shark Tue, 29 Sep 15, 8:29pm
    Yes folks, we may have reached peak climate drivel, with the news that we are being saved from impending climate disaster by the heroic actions of a hardy bunch of...sharks.
  • Weak sink sunk Fri, 11 Sep 15, 6:46pm
    In the years after the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report a small group of scientists claimed to have demonstrated that carbon sinks were weakening, so that a progressively smaller proportion of carbon dioxide emissions would...
  • Wrong-speed dating Wed, 9 Sep 15, 9:41pm
    Last year I posted a series of articles about statistical issues surrounding radiocarbon dating, a subject that is important in its own right but also directly impinges on the climate debate because of the way in which it...
  • Defusing the methane bomb Tue, 18 Aug 15, 6:37pm
    Environmentalists and some of the more eccentric members of the scientific community like to allude to the possibility that the Arctic permafrost will melt, releasing a methane time bomb into the atmosphere which will inevitably...
  • The Salby lecture Tue, 14 Apr 15, 6:25pm
    Murry Salby's recent lecture in London can now be seen on YouTube.
  • Experts (it says here) at the University of Leeds have declared that the UK is not really cutting its carbon emissions; it is merely exporting them to China.
  • Carbon conversation Thu, 15 Jan 15, 7:28pm
    This is a guest post by Peter Gill, a retired physicist who may be familiar to readers as a central character in my Institutional Bias pamphlet. I have lightly edited a couple of paragraphs to make the meaning clear.
  • Sinks and sources Fri, 2 Jan 15, 8:11pm
    Over the years I haven't really devoted much time to the carbon cycle, but I wonder if some of the attention of the climate debate will be switching to this area with the advent of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory, a satellite...
  • Ridley's response to Lynas Fri, 7 Nov 14, 7:47pm
    This is a guest post by Matt Ridley and is a response to this post by Mark Lynas.
  • A new paper in PNAS has been getting quite a bit of media play today, which is slightly surprising because the overall theme is "it's better than we thought"...
  • Salby in Blighty Wed, 3 Sep 14, 7:54pm
    Mike Haseler emails a link to a new video recording of Murry Salby's visit to the UK last year.
  •  'A paper published today in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics finds that only about 3.75% [15 ppm] of the CO2 in the lower atmosphere is man-made from the burning of fossil fuels, and thus, the vast remainder of the...
  • Gassing Fri, 4 Jul 14, 5:16pm
    Robin Wylie, an academic at University College London, has written a fascinating piece at Live Science on volcanic emissions of carbon dioxide, which is an area of geoscience that is, like so many others, characterised more...
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