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  • Guest post by David Middleton A very thoughtful column by Ross Pomeroy at Real Clear Science… Is Climate ‘Lukewarmism’ Legitimate? By Ross Pomeroy September 25, 2017 To many, prominent writers Matt Ridley,...
  • Told you so - Josh 372 Thu, 28 Apr 16, 2:08am
    There's been a lot of Twittering over an article in Nature Climate Change about the greening of the planet. It might not exactly be ground breaking science, it is after all something sceptics have been pointing out for some...
  • The BBC's week of lies Wed, 2 Dec 15, 8:02pm
    The tsunami of environmentalist disinformation, naked campaigning and outright lies coming from the BBC this week is quite extraordinary. It's impossible to keep up with it all and I'm not even going to try. I'll leave this...
  • Misconceptions and mislabellings Mon, 16 Nov 15, 8:05pm
    So, some minor brouhaha this morning over Roger Harrabin's piece about Richard Tol this morning. In it, Richard is quoted as follows:
  • Wake me up when it's over Mon, 26 Oct 15, 9:05pm
    The news on Twitter this morning is that a small group of greens have tied themselves to machinery at the Banks Mining opencast site in Matt Ridley's back garden.
  • The Evolution of Everything Mon, 26 Oct 15, 8:06pm
    For reading matter on my half-term trip away, I took Matt Ridley's latest book The Evolution of Everything. At nearly 400 pages long it's not a short book, but it turned out to be not nearly long enough to keep me occupied...
  • Casual smears at RTCC Thu, 16 Jul 15, 11:39pm
    A year or so ago I caught the people at the Responding to Climate Change website fabricating a story. They had claimed that an island in the Solomons was being evacuated due to climate change but a little research showed...
  • Venting and venting Tue, 30 Jun 15, 4:35am
    Robert Wilson is nothing if not grumpy, and his grumpiness can lead him occasionally to a kind of foolishness that he might have avoided if he had taken a deep breath before clicking on the publish button.
  • The damage to science Fri, 19 Jun 15, 8:44pm
    Matt Ridley has a good piece up at Quadrant, describing the damage that is being done to science by the religious adherence to global warming dogma. There are many memorable quotes in it, but here's one to set the cat among...
  • Matt Ridley has republished his Times column from yesterday at his blog. It picks up many of the themes that have been the focus of BH in recent days, particularly the curious moral corner into which the greens have worked...
  • Saving the world with fossil fuels Sat, 14 Mar 15, 7:34pm
    The must read article this morning is Matt Ridley in the Wall Street Journal, who points out that little-mentioned but rather critical point about fossil fuels - we can't do without them.
  • The Guardian apologises Sat, 14 Feb 15, 9:01am
    The Guardian has apologised for its behaviour over the Bluecloud affair, in which a Greenpeace activist and sometime Guardian writer named Gary Evans discussed beheading Matt Ridley.
  • Compare and contrast Tue, 3 Feb 15, 1:01am
    Be warned, this is very, very ugly stuff, and there are several messages in there that seem to me to be criminal. Colour me disgusted Yours truly in the aftermath of death threats to Phil Jones Now that lukewarmers have...
  • Sliding science Mon, 8 Dec 14, 8:34pm
    Matt Ridley has one of those pieces in the Times that is just going to get Bob Ward's blood boiling. He covers the scandal over the neonicotinoid "research", the Met Office's claims about record temperatures and the revelations...
  • Diary dates, green debate issue Tue, 11 Nov 14, 10:26pm
    On 2 December, Matt Ridley is to take part in a debate in London on the politics of climate change. Apart from Matt, the panel includes:
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