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  • The Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2021 Sun, 15 Nov 20, 4:28am
    What a crazy year it has been and still is! The most therapeutic way to remember it all next year is to buy a Cartoon by Josh Calendar 2021 – you can buy one from Josh’s website right here...
  • Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2019 Thu, 29 Nov 18, 3:47am
    Josh writes: It’s here! I now have the beautifully printed Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2019 – a great Christmas present for yourself, for your nearest and dearest or for that extra special climate alarmist in your...
  • Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2018 Fri, 3 Nov 17, 4:45am
    The best way to remember how entertaining (or horrifying) climate science, energy policy etc, has been in 2017 is to buy a Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2018...
  • Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2018 Tue, 31 Oct 17, 4:36am
    The best way to remember how entertaining (or horrifying) climate science, energy policy etc, was in 2017 is to buy a Cartoons by Josh Calendar.
  • From Reuters:  LONDON (Reuters) – The World Health Organization’s cancer agency dismissed and edited findings from a draft of its review of the weedkiller glyphosate that were at odds with its final conclusion...
  • Click image for larger version Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister of Australia, gave an excellent GWPF annual lecture last night. I will post the video of the talk as soon as it is available.
  • Last night Roger Peilke Jr gave a superb talk, hosted by The Global Warming Policy Foundation, on Climate change politics. It was timely, challenging and positive. I will post the video links when they are available...
  • Slay The Dragon - Josh 390 Tue, 9 May 17, 2:50am
    Theresa May is fun to draw and it looks like she might have a bigger battle on her hands in the coming years if she is wins the one on 8th June.
  • TailGate - Josh 389 Thu, 6 Apr 17, 12:00am
    Sir David King admits they got it wrong in another example of how the green blob trashes the planet while pretending to save it.
  • Dr Mann in the dock - Josh 388 Thu, 30 Mar 17, 5:28am
    On this historic Brexit day the fun has not been confined to this continent. Over in the US they have had a 'hearing' on Climate Science with three of the world's most eminent climate scientists. Michael Mann was there too. 
  • Madhouse Mann - Josh 384 Fri, 28 Oct 16, 10:05pm
    Michael Mann has a book out called "The Madhouse Effect' with cartoons by Tom Toles. 
  • The 2016 US Presidential election - what can one say?
  • Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2017 Wed, 2 Nov 16, 9:04pm
      It’s been another hilarious year and the Cartoons by Josh Calendar is just the way to remember throughout 2017.
  • Trumped - Josh 386 Wed, 9 Nov 16, 10:59pm
    He did it. I am not sure how but he did. What a year.
  •   Last night Professor Fritz Vahrenholt gave a hugely interesting talk on Germany's experiment with renewable energy. I will add a link to the talk when it is posted up by the GWPF, who sponsored the event. In the...
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