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  • Dr Mann in the dock - Josh 388 Thu, 30 Mar 17, 5:28am
    On this historic Brexit day the fun has not been confined to this continent. Over in the US they have had a 'hearing' on Climate Science with three of the world's most eminent climate scientists. Michael Mann was there too. 
  • Madhouse Mann - Josh 384 Fri, 28 Oct 16, 10:05pm
    Michael Mann has a book out called "The Madhouse Effect' with cartoons by Tom Toles. 
  • Hiding your light Fri, 5 Feb 16, 8:21pm
    Some of the more "politically aware" climate scientists have been keen that nobody should publish anything that might work against the green agenda. Michael Mann's infamous comments are a case in point. There is plenty of...
  • Away with the fairies Fri, 28 Aug 15, 11:04pm
    Journalist David Appell appears a couple of times in The Hockey Stick Illusion, firstly in Chapter 4, in the section entitled "Mann's mouthpiece", where he is the source (if perhaps not the ultimate source) of the (false)...
  • A disgrace to the profession Thu, 11 Jun 15, 9:24pm
    You really don't want to mess about with Mark Steyn, who is nothing if not a guy who is prepared to stick up for himself. In response to Michael Mann's libel suit, Steyn has not only countersued but now has written a book...
  • Hat tip to Barry Woods for pointing me to this Twitter exchange, in which the BBC's Helen Czerski reveals what the corporation understands "balance" to mean in the context of the climate debate:
  • Anthony is having lots of fun with the latest scare paper that is doing the rounds of the media, which tries to breathe life into the somewhat hackneyed "ocean currents are about to halt" scare.
  • When Chris Horner was trying to get hold of Michael Mann's emails, the academic establishment moved heaven and earth to ensure that everybody knew where they stood on the question, namely that exposure of an Mann's emails...
  • Mann caught out again Sat, 10 Jan 15, 1:05am
    Steve McIntyre reports that Michael Mann has been caught out grafting the thermometer records onto proxy data, something he claims that only happens in the fevered minds of evil-big-oil-funded-gaia-maiming deniers.
  • Mann livestream Wed, 26 Nov 14, 1:03am
    There is a livestream of today's Mann/CEI/Steyn courtroom hearing available here. You need to select the Ceremonial Courtroom feed at 9:30 EST, which I think is 14:30 GMT.
  • Movie Mann Thu, 20 Nov 14, 6:52pm
    The new film Interstellar has been generating quite a lot of column inches in recent weeks, with many people noting that it features a data-falsifying scientist named Dr Mann...
  • Selfie Mann - Josh 294 Fri, 26 Sep 14, 1:15am
    The world's first climate cartoon selfie: includes Anthony Watts, Nic Lewis, Andrew Montford, David & Kate Holland, Caroline K, Richard Drake, Katabasis, James Delingpole, Leo Hickman, Richard Betts, Barry Woods, Michel Opdebeeck,...
  • Mann at the Cabot Wed, 24 Sep 14, 5:54pm
    As we waited in our seats for Michael Mann's lecture at the Cabot Institute to begin, I was struck by the sight of the great man alone at the side of the stage...
  • AskDrMann Thu, 18 Sep 14, 6:57am
    Michael Mann is having a Twitter Q&A under the #askdrmann hashtag. Do take a look at it. Some of them are really quite amusing.
  • Manns rea? Thu, 11 Sep 14, 9:32pm
    Things seem to be hotting up on the Michael Mann front, not least because Steve McIntyre seems to have returned to blogging with a vengeance, assisted as always by his trusty band of followers...
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