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  • Upper Tribunal Decision Tue, 7 Jun 16, 5:16am
    Guest post by David Holland I have temporarily put on the Internet a scanned copy of the decision of the Upper Tribunal to refuse my appeal in regard to my request to the University of Cambridge.   I have also posted...
  • Less science, more comms Tue, 9 Feb 16, 8:03pm
    Barry Woods points us to today's webcast of the IPCC discussing its future communications strategy. I've just heard someone say that the IPCC reports need to have less of that complicated and very dull science stuff and much...
  • ...can you guys fill in the "look at the impacts we're already seeing" part with a bunch of examples? In addition to the scientifically sound examples you'll give it would also be good for me to get an updated list of extreme...
  • The COP ritual Mon, 30 Nov 15, 8:46pm
    GWPF's campaigning arm has just released a completely brilliant paper reviewing the COPs. I say this with some authority, since I compiled the text, although to be fair most of the brilliance is provided by Josh.
  • UN body: IPCC talking out of hat Fri, 27 Nov 15, 8:29pm
    The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation has made an announcement on extreme weather this morning, which is sure to attract a lot of attention:
  • The last chance saloons Fri, 30 Oct 15, 7:09pm of the Paris climate conference, Climate Change Predictions is having a lovely time reviewing all the previous "last chances" we have faced.
  • Patchi is history, Lee for IPCC Wed, 7 Oct 15, 7:25pm
    Last night the IPCC announced its replacement for its troubled head, Rajendra Pachauri, currently the centre of a sexual harassment case in his native India.
  • The FCO misleads Fri, 14 Aug 15, 10:07pm
    Sir David King, the Foreign Office's adviser on climate change, has commissioned a report into the effects of climate change on food security. There's a monster team of authors featuring among others Tim Benton, a population...
  • Birthday honours? Mon, 15 Jun 15, 5:15pm
    The Queen's birthday honours list was out a couple of days ago and as I always I have scanned it looking for familiar names. There are no climatologists this year, but two names in particular stood out.
  • Le spin! Cartoon notes by Josh Thu, 11 Jun 15, 11:34pm
    Click the image for a larger version Last night some of us attended the Walker Institute Annual Lecture given by Sir David King and which was titled "The Paris Climate Summit - hopes and expectations"...
  • IPCC: climate misinformers Tue, 9 Jun 15, 12:55am
    Warren Pearce has a new paper out in Nature Climate Change that looks at the 2013 WGI press conference and the pickle that Thomas Stocker got into in trying to rebut questions about the pause.
  • Pachauri guilty Sun, 31 May 15, 12:39am
    From the Deccan Chronicle An internal committee of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) found its director general RK Pachauri guilty in a sexual harassment case.
  • The causes of big climate Mon, 9 Mar 15, 8:27pm
    Judith Curry points us to the draft of a paper soon to be published in the Independent Review, the journal of the Independent Institute. Written by two economists, it takes the idea of the big player - a well-established...
  • Patchy resigns Tue, 24 Feb 15, 10:41pm
    News is breaking that Rajendra Pachauri has resigned as head of the IPCC.
  • Breaking... Wed, 18 Feb 15, 10:13pm
    I am hearing on the grapevine that a senior IPCC official has been accused of sexual harassment and that a police investigation has been commenced. The official denies everything and has also issued a complaint to police,...
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