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  • Guilty - Josh 329 Sun, 31 May 15, 1:45am
    So Patchy has been found guilty by an internal review - what next?
  • Cartoons by Josh
  • Celebrating bad science Sun, 20 Apr 14, 6:11pm
    When the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee considered the Fifth Assessment Report a few months ago I was surprised when chairman Tim Yeo asked witnesses about the Hockey Stick...
  • GuardianEco loses the plot Fri, 18 Nov 11, 11:05pm
    Guardian Eco publishes an interview with Raj Pachauri, which very surprisingly returns to the subject of the melting of Himalayan glaciers.
  • Why no resignation? Sun, 4 Sep 11, 5:57pm
    David Stockwell has a fascinating post about a paper in Nature by Thomas et al. Thomas is Chris Thomas of the University of Leeds and his co-authors include a bevy of academics as well as NGO people from bodies like the Royal...
  • Conjuring up the future - Josh 108 Tue, 21 Jun 11, 5:51am
    I can't believe the IPCC can pull this one off - can they?
  • Not his finest hour - Josh 106 Sun, 19 Jun 11, 6:24am
    From Booker's latest article
  • The IPCC goes closed and opaque Tue, 24 May 11, 5:59am
    Without a fanfare the IPCC has made a significant decision about the way it conducts its business. Tucked away in an eight-page page document that it has just put on its website is this:
  • Beddington's meeting with Pachauri Wed, 13 Apr 11, 5:01pm
    H/T to David Holland for this little snippet. In February 2010, Ed Miliband - then the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, now leader of the opposition - wrote to Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the IPCC...
  • Josh 49 Sun, 17 Oct 10, 12:21am
  • Staying... Fri, 15 Oct 10, 4:09am
    Patchy is apparently staying on at the IPCC.
  • Fred Pearce has a long piece at the Mail on Sunday, setting out in gory detail why Rajendra Pachauri should fall on his sword or be sacked.
  • Christopher Booker returns to the subject of Rajendra Pachauri and his Teri-Europe charity and wonders why the Charities Commission were so understanding about Teri having failed to declare as much as 80% of its income.
  • KPMG: not shooting straight? Mon, 27 Sep 10, 4:07pm
    This is a guest post by Shub Niggurath. Shub followed up on an odd detail in RK Pachauri's expense claims. It could be nothing, but is interesting nevertheless.
  • Yeo wants Patchy to go Thu, 23 Sep 10, 6:37pm
    Tim Yeo, the deep-green chairman of the UK House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee has called for Rajendra Pachauri to resign.
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