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  • More emails Sat, 25 Aug 12, 12:01am
    Chris Horner has just had another batch of emails released to him, this time from the University of Arizona, where Hockey Team members Overpeck and Hughes are based...
  • Sir John's emails Sun, 29 Jan 12, 5:47am
    A few weeks back, readers may remember, the Information Commissioner ruled that where public servants used private email accounts to conduct public business, their messages were still subject to FOI...
  • Greens trash national parks Sat, 11 Jun 11, 5:00pm
    Tony at Harmless Sky is highlighting a new planning document introduced by the Welsh Assembly, which will allow windfarms to be built in national parks...
  • The IPCC goes closed and opaque Tue, 24 May 11, 5:59am
    Without a fanfare the IPCC has made a significant decision about the way it conducts its business. Tucked away in an eight-page page document that it has just put on its website is this:
  • More on disasters Thu, 5 May 11, 3:41pm
    Anthony Watts has picked up the Houghton quotes story, and I thought it was worth expanding on what makes me uneasy about these links between disasters and global warming.
  • UEA Literary Festival Mon, 1 Nov 10, 5:32pm
    The University of East Anglia is holding a literary festival in November. Strangely, they haven't invited me to speak, but there is at least one event that should prove interesting:
  • From the archives... Fri, 29 Oct 10, 1:04am
    Sir John Houghton and George Monbiot discuss global warming with Melvyn Bragg at the start of the Millennium.
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