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  • Spirit of inquiry Tue, 9 May 17, 6:23pm
    I've been taking a look at the BEIS committee's report on the effects of Brexit on climate and energy policy, and in particular the section on investor confidence, which struck me as likely to be the most interesting...
  • Oh no! It's DECC! Tue, 22 Mar 16, 8:11pm
      In Parliament yesterday, energy minister Greg Hands explained that DECC is organising a modular nuclear reactor competition for the UK.
  • Virtue-signalling ministers Tue, 15 Mar 16, 8:34pm
    The problem with the modern politician is that everything important gets brushed aside in favour of mood music and virtue signalling. Witness energy minister Andrea Leadsom, who yesterday decided that an 80% cut in carbon...
  • The parliamentary arm of Veolia Thu, 3 Mar 16, 9:09pm
    When Lord Deben stepped down as chairman of Veolia UK, I did wonder who would take on the role of company "spokesman" in Parliament. Today, Guido reveals that Laurence Robertson, the MP for Tewkesbury, has got himself into...
  • High tide for the shale gas scare? Sat, 27 Feb 16, 12:54am
    The Herald (£) is reporting that the Scottish LibDems have seen the writing on the wall and are about to reverse their policy on shale gas developments.
  • Republicans in the US House of Representatives are currently trying to get a grip on one small part of the Washington bureaucracy by trying to get the National Science Foundation to concentrate on funding useful science...
  • Energy policy isn't working Mon, 8 Feb 16, 10:03pm
    When oil and gas prices were high, DECC used to publish an annual Energy Statement, which included an assessment of the impact of policy measures on prices. 
  • It pays not to be green Fri, 29 Jan 16, 12:31am
    The latest opinion polls seem to show that greenery is slipping right off the political agenda. In fact there may even be a correlation between the direction of a party's poll ratings movement and the strength of its eco-urge.
  • Fifty shades of green Wed, 20 Jan 16, 10:00pm
    Peter Lilley's speech during the Energy Bill debate in the House of Commons on Monday is well worth a look. This is the text, lightly edited.
  •   Do you remember the grid emergency the other day, when the grid was said to have accepted an offer of £2500 per MWh to supply power to the grid, a slight markup on the normal price of £40?  The...
  • Library maneoeuvres Tue, 15 Dec 15, 3:26am
    The opposition have called a debate on the Cumbria floods tomorrow, and so the House of Commons Library has issued a briefing paper to MPs. There's lot to amuse. For example, I read with interest that:
  • Dieter Helm recently gave a lecture on energy policy at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, discussing the sheer scale of the disaster wrought by Ed Miliband, Chris Huhne and Ed Davey...
  • A few recent headlines Thu, 26 Nov 15, 8:26pm
    UK climate diplomats face axe after COP21 Paris summit UK scraps £1bn carbon capture and storage competition Spending Review: Support for fracking and green energy, DECC budget slashed You know that austerity is...
  • Security oversight Tue, 24 Nov 15, 8:43pm
    The Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee is going to be considering security of supply this morning from 10am (they are doing the Green Deal at time of writing)...
  • What's in a tax? Thu, 19 Nov 15, 8:17pm
    One of the most interesting parts of Amber Rudd's speech yesterday was the suggestion that renewables operators must pay for all the extra costs they bring to the system...
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