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  • Curiouser and curiouser Fri, 7 Jun 19, 6:25pm
    While looking for something else, I came across an article in the Mail about the recent report on Net Zero from the Committee on Climate Change...
  • Jolly green giants toppled Wed, 30 Mar 16, 8:10pm
    Two of the headlines on Greenpeace's daily news review stuck out at me this morning.
  • Barefaced Thu, 10 Mar 16, 8:20pm
    Professor Catherine Mitchell is one of the those public funded political activists who masquerades as an academic researcher. She has come to the attention of this blog from time to time over the years.
  • Renewables slump on the way Mon, 18 Jan 16, 8:21pm
    The Independent is reporting research that suggests that investment in renewable energy is about to slump dramatically. The research comes from BNEF, so the usual caveats about reliability apply.
  • AEP and the GLCL* Mon, 11 Jan 16, 8:42pm
    Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has an article in the Telegraph boldly declaring that the UK is backing away from wind power just as they become competitive with fossil fuels...
  • Windfall Tue, 15 Dec 15, 10:41pm
    The Press and Journal has details of some truly phenomenal payments to wind farms in order to get them to switch off.
  • Mackay bashes EU energy policy Tue, 17 Nov 15, 8:19pm
    David Mackay is in the headlines this morning, having described the EU Green Energy Directive as "scientifically illiterate" in a forthcoming episode of Costing the Earth.  He takes a potshot Ed Miliband for the foolishness...
  • Some weapons-grade sophistry Thu, 12 Nov 15, 10:21pm
    Take a look at Mark Lynas's latest piece in the Guardian, in which he tries to absolve the wind fleet of any part in the close call the electricity grid suffered last week...
  • Dead calm Thu, 5 Nov 15, 7:15pm
    Yesterday it seems that National Grid had to invoke its emergency procedures as outages at coal-fired power stations and an almost complete lack of a contribution from the wind fleet led to generation margins falling to dangerously...
  • The authorities in South Australia have been pretty right on in terms of their devotion to the green cause, and the state has been in the forefront of efforts to increase renewables' share of electricity generation...
  • Saturday singalong Sat, 24 Oct 15, 10:00pm
  • Non sequitur Fri, 23 Oct 15, 12:00am
    A free map containing the most detailed publicly available information on global wind energy potential has been launched this week…
  • Windfarms' gannet problem Mon, 28 Sep 15, 7:24pm
    A new paper has apparently found that offshore windfarms pose a much greater threat to gannet populations than was previously thought. This is because when hunting they turn out to fly at a height that puts them in danger...
  • Shameless, shameless, shameless Tue, 22 Sep 15, 8:22pm
    Having been hanging round the energy and climate debate for a long time now, it's not often I am taken aback by the Green Blob. But this article by Carbon Tracker's Anthony Hobley really made me gasp. The whole thing is amazing,...
  • FITs to burst Fri, 28 Aug 15, 6:24pm
    It's not a good day to be a green or a crony capitalist: the government has announced its proposals on feed-in-tariffs and it makes pretty ugly reading for all those who feed at the trough of government subsidies.
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