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  • Spirit of inquiry Tue, 9 May 17, 6:23pm
    I've been taking a look at the BEIS committee's report on the effects of Brexit on climate and energy policy, and in particular the section on investor confidence, which struck me as likely to be the most interesting...
  • Decorative diesel Tue, 29 Nov 16, 2:24am
    From the Guardian South Pacific island ditches fossil fuels to run entirely on solar power
  • Game just changed again Tue, 22 Mar 16, 12:36am
    It’s an absolute game-changer The citation on the award of a Danish design prize to the Tesla powerwall battery in 2015
  • The vacuity of Naomi Oreskes Thu, 17 Dec 15, 7:12pm
    You turn your back for a few hours and suddenly Naomi Oreskes does something even more foolish and generally loathsome than normal. Her op-ed in the Guardian yesterday looked at the subject of nuclear energy, and using her...
  • The world the greens created Fri, 11 Dec 15, 10:28pm
    While the energy and climate punters are concentrating on Paris, the results of the government's latest capacity auction are out. The market cleared at £18/kW which means that no new CCGT power stations will be built....
  • Solving the Uruguay mystery Fri, 4 Dec 15, 9:00am
    According to Wikipedia, in 2013, Uruguay had 10MW of wind power capacity out of a total electricity generating capacity of 2337MW. That's 0.4%. Fully 1538MW or 66% was hydro. It suggests wind as a percentage of generating...
  • Gas crackers Fri, 20 Nov 15, 8:14pm
    A team from the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology claims to have made a breakthrough on the energy front. They have developed a process to "crack" methane, removing the hydrogen, which can be used as a fuel, and leaving...
  • Green Deal claptrap Sat, 25 Jul 15, 5:54pm
    Yesterday the government announced it was to scrap funding for the Green Deal, spelling the end for its flagship energy household efficiency programme...
  • Rolling blackouts Thu, 23 Jul 15, 5:11pm
    Don't miss the BBC Radio 4 programme at 11am this morning which will discuss the acute problem of rolling power blackouts  already occurring in  South Africa and the current solution- diesel generators.
  • Birthday honours? Mon, 15 Jun 15, 5:15pm
    The Queen's birthday honours list was out a couple of days ago and as I always I have scanned it looking for familiar names. There are no climatologists this year, but two names in particular stood out.
  • These notes from a presentation to the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) at Taunton on 13th January 2015 were taken by Phillip Bratby.
  • FoE in support for fracking shock Fri, 6 Mar 15, 10:09pm
    After years of campaigning against fracking, Friends of the Earth Scotland have made an extraordinary u-turn and are now vigorously campaigning in favour of the controversial* technique.
  • A few days ago I noted the comments of the UNFCCC's Christiana Figueres about the UN's desire to transform the basis of daily economic life:
  • Competitive insanity Fri, 13 Feb 15, 12:35am
    If you think that the government's deal for Hinckley point was the ultimate in state insanity, think again. A week or so ago, the FT reported on a bid by a Gloucester company to create a massive tidal power station in Swansea...
  • Trouble in Eden Wed, 28 Jan 15, 8:50pm
    In a shock announcement, the Eden Project has revealed that it is going to start hydraulically fracturing rocks beneath its site in a bid to extract geothermal energy...
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