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  • Yorkshire goes unconventional Tue, 24 May 16, 5:08am
    Well this was enough to lull me from my blogging stupor:
  • Diary dates: Dundee edition Thu, 28 Apr 16, 6:01pm
    PRESS RELEASE FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE Art exhibition poses questions on the issue of fracking
  • The silence of the wells Thu, 24 Mar 16, 8:30pm
    Readers will recall my amusement at the antics of the anti-fracking fraternity at the Cuadrilla shale gas inquiry in Lancashire, who had found a tame noise consultant who was willing to testify that the sounds emitted by...
  • Barefaced Thu, 10 Mar 16, 8:20pm
    Professor Catherine Mitchell is one of the those public funded political activists who masquerades as an academic researcher. She has come to the attention of this blog from time to time over the years.
  • Facebook: the greens' pet censor Tue, 8 Mar 16, 9:09pm
    Phelim McAleer - the man behind the Fracknation documentary film - has been covering an important US court case in which residents of Dimock Pennsylvania are seeking compensation from a shale gas driller, who they say has...
  • High tide for the shale gas scare? Sat, 27 Feb 16, 12:54am
    The Herald (£) is reporting that the Scottish LibDems have seen the writing on the wall and are about to reverse their policy on shale gas developments.
  • Tabloid academics Thu, 25 Feb 16, 9:00pm
    Don't you just love it when a bunch of academics goes the full Sunday Sport? You know, putting together an article that makes up in headlines what it lacks in intellectual rigour.
  • The unbearable dawn chorus Tue, 23 Feb 16, 11:30pm
    Much fun is being had at the Lancashire shale gas inquiry, which has been considering noise pollution. Cuadrilla have proposed that night-time noise should be limited to 42dB, which is described on this website as being akin...
  • A couple of days ago, I explained my surprise at the level of animosity displayed towards renewables by callers to Radio Scotland. Today I'm starting to wonder if this might be the first signs of a trend. Could we even have...
  • For those with nothing better to do, the livestream of the Cuadrilla public inquiry can be seen here. For everyone else who wants to see what Friends of the Earth are getting up to, there are daily summaries at Drill or Drop,...
  • Shale fights back? Tue, 9 Feb 16, 10:34pm
    Do I detect a new, more aggressive approach to the greens from the shale gas industry? An article in the Times today (£) implies that Cuadrilla were behind a complaint to the Charities Commission about the way in which...
  • Next week, the long-awaited public inquiry into Cuadrilla's planned shale gas developments in Lancashire kicks off. Witnesses from Cuadrilla will face off with representatives of green groups and protestors. Weeks of fun...
  • A clean bill of health for shale? Thu, 4 Feb 16, 7:36pm
    Environmentalists like to claim that unconventional gas developments are going to cause us all to die of cancer or asthma. It's fair to say that few of these claims are quite as bonkers as Friends of the Earth saying that the...
  • Cue violence Mon, 1 Feb 16, 8:49pm
    The Telegraph is reporting that the cabinet are going to take planning decisions over shale gas developments out of the hands of councils. If correct, it means that planning officers will now be left to their own devices.
  • Misson possible? Thu, 28 Jan 16, 7:38pm
    Just days after getting planning permission to drill 12 monitoring boreholes at its prospective shale pad in Misson, Nottinghamshire, IGas have started installing equipment.
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