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  • Developing a consistent message Wed, 9 Mar 16, 10:13pm
    PwC was among the businesses who signed the World Bank’s call to governments and business leaders to support putting a price on carbon.
  • A time-honoured tactic of those who oppose an industrial development is to claim that it causing ill health. Certainly the opponents of the Horse Hill oil well have wasted no time in setting out the chronic ailments that...
  • Captions please Wed, 17 Feb 16, 12:17am
    I wonder what was said when Steve Sanderson, the Chairman of UK Oil and Gas Investments, met Natalie Bennet at the Horse Hill exploration site this morning?
  • A not-so-cunning plan Wed, 27 Jan 16, 12:32am
    Just as the coalbed methane industry in Scotland looked as though it was going to become viable the SNP administration in Holyrood moved with considerable speed to kill it off...
  • Looney green tunes Sun, 15 Nov 15, 8:11am
    Just when you thought our environmentalist friends couldn't become any more absurd, they have to go and outdo themselves. The editor of the Ecologist, Westminster and Oxford educated Oliver Tickell, son of the equally silly...
  • On capricious government Fri, 6 Nov 15, 7:12pm
    The decision by New York regulators to investigate Exxon over climate change is an interesting one. Apparently the aim is "determining whether the company failed to disclose the climate change risks to investors as well...
  • Kevin Anderson, the deputy director of the Tyndall Centre, wondered a couple of days ago whether oil-company funding was "worse than tobacco funding".
  • Adam Vaughan in the Guardian is looking at fracking and rather surprisingly seems to have shifted away from his earlier position. Who can forget his trying to compare the risks to thalidomide and asbestos. He almost seems...
  • Big oil and the ECIU Tue, 4 Aug 15, 7:48pm
    Our environmentalist friends are fond of pointing to Peter Lilley's involvement with Tethys Petroleum and claiming that it means he can't be trusted on questions of energy and climate change.
  • Oil brings development to Africa Tue, 14 Jul 15, 8:13pm
    The Economist describes how a major oil find in Northern Kenya has brought the possibility of development to an area that was once far from the benefits of civilisation...
  • Osborne cuts the supertax Thu, 19 Mar 15, 12:49am
    George Osborne has announced that he is to cut the Supplementary Charge - the supertax on UK oilfields - from 30% to 20%. He has also come up with a few other tweaks to the system that will allegedly encourage investment.
  • Moore's law for the oil industry Mon, 9 Mar 15, 10:59pm has an interesting and extremely optimistic take on the future of the unconventional oil and gas industry. The pace of technological advances in hydraulic fracturing technology is, it seems, absolutely breathtaking,...
  • Having used his time in office to slap a supertax on the oil industry, Gordon Brown is now demanding massive state intervention to fend off the collapse of the North Sea drilling industry:
  • Valuing "subsidies" Thu, 4 Dec 14, 8:49pm
    A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the report by the Overseas Development Institute and Oil Change International, which claimed implausibly that the UK was delivering considerable subsidies to the oil industry.
  • The other day, I mentioned a report by a pair of NGOs on the subject of fossil fuel subsidies, noting that the usual suspects in the mainstream media had failed to mention that in the UK oil companies are subject to a supertax...
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