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  • Decorative diesel Tue, 29 Nov 16, 2:24am
    From the Guardian South Pacific island ditches fossil fuels to run entirely on solar power
  • Two years later Fri, 18 Mar 16, 7:55pm
    Engineers and industry agree that although challenges abound in utility-scale solar in the sunniest places on Earth, we have the technology to go big in the desert The vast and glittering Ivanpah solar facility...
  • Renewables slump on the way Mon, 18 Jan 16, 8:21pm
    The Independent is reporting research that suggests that investment in renewable energy is about to slump dramatically. The research comes from BNEF, so the usual caveats about reliability apply.
  • BBC preparations for the arrival of the Green BlobMy thanks to Stewgreen for pointing me to this excerpt from Jeremy Leggett's new book, describing a meeting with Roger Harrabin:
  • This is a guest post by Phillip Bratby. Readers will no doubt have seen the apoplexy of Roger Harrabin and others in the media about the cuts in subsidies for rooftop solar power announced by Amber Rudd on 17th December...
  • Hugo's howler, Harrabin's howler Thu, 26 Nov 15, 9:31pm
    The Spectator doesn't do a great deal on the climate front, but when it does, it does it very well. At the moment they have a long piece (£, but you may get a free look) by David Rose on Judy Curry, which although containing...
  • The authorities in South Australia have been pretty right on in terms of their devotion to the green cause, and the state has been in the forefront of efforts to increase renewables' share of electricity generation...
  • More heat than light Sat, 24 Oct 15, 8:00pm
    Does the sun shine all night in Australia?  Are the new batteries a breakthrough? Over to you.
  • A dampish squib Tue, 4 Aug 15, 6:33pm
    So President Obama has a new climate plan out and his fans in the BBC are getting very excited about it. The main thing seems to be a requirement for states to formulate climate plans, but not for a while. There is an even...
  • This is rather interesting. John Hempton, who blogs at Bronte Capital, has written a piece describing a visit he made to a factory owned by the behemoth Chinese multinational Hanergy Solar, which crashed a few days ago. Before...
  • From a correspondent in the world of big finance (edited for clarity).
  • Solar heat illustrated - Josh 322 Wed, 22 Apr 15, 12:47am
    See post below - the marvel of modern technology.
  • Solar heat Tue, 21 Apr 15, 9:23pm
    A fire at Hove Town Hall was caused by solar panels on its roof, it emerged today.
  • WWF spivs are spinning Mon, 5 Jan 15, 8:51pm
    It hasn't taken long, but the story put out by WWF over the weekend about windfarms meeting nearly all domestic demand during December is being torn to shreds.
  • Diary dates, cafe culture edition Sat, 22 Nov 14, 8:19pm
    The Dundee Cafe Science has an event on renewables on Monday:
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