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  • The Information Tribunal has finally reached its decision over David Holland's request for access to the Russell inquiry's emails. The decision is that they should not be released.
  • Give us a clouseau - Josh 166 Thu, 10 May 12, 12:58am
    Cartoons by Josh  
  • 'Ello, 'ello, 'ello Wed, 9 May 12, 5:00pm
    From Scottish Sceptic: So, it is with deep regret that I feel I have:
  • There is a very interesting, if rather toe-curling, segment about Climategate and the inquiries on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC.
  • Green Alliance on AGW and Russell Tue, 24 Jan 12, 7:00pm
    Alice Bell has written a trailer for Brian Hoskins' lecture at Imperial last Monday - if everything goes technically to plan this should be available as a podcast shortly...
  • Diary date, Notts Fri, 20 Jan 12, 6:52pm
    The university of Nottingham is having a lecture on climate change on 7 March. The speaker is Manoj Joshi of the National Centre for Atmospheric Research.
  • More from Norfolk Police Wed, 18 Jan 12, 1:30am
    Readers may remember that I asked for Norfolk Constabulary's correspondence regarding the Russell inquiry - this was centred around the extraction of emails from the CRUBACK3 server by the police's forensic IT contractors,...
  • The Palutikoff email Sun, 18 Dec 11, 9:29am
    This is a guest post by David Holland. Last time I googled 2526.txt to see if this email had been commented upon I did not find any. This is as near the smoking gun proof as we will get, that Professor Phil Jones’...
  • Norfolk Police have decided to disclose the £10k invoice that they sent UEA at the start of the year.
  • A philosopher on Climategate Wed, 13 Jul 11, 7:10am
    I've always been rather unimpressed with philosophy and philosophers - I keep feeling that there is much less there than meets the eye. I don't think this article in the New York Times is going to change my opinion much....
  • UEA financials Fri, 1 Jul 11, 3:36pm
    UEA have relented and provided copies of the invoices I asked to see.
  • Sir Muir and form UEA4/5 Fri, 24 Jun 11, 4:15pm
    Reader Matthu has got hold of some tantalising new information about the financial arrangements surrounding the Russell Inquiry. UEA have released to him copies of the claims for money made by Russell and Boulton. UEA claims...
  • Antarctic fox Sun, 22 May 11, 5:00pm
    I think I've mentioned that there was a certain amount of fraternisation across party lines at the reception after the Cambridge Conference. Josh and I had a nice chat to Dr Emily Shuckburgh, who is works at the British Antarctic...
  • Childish games from UEA Sat, 21 May 11, 5:00pm
    On Monday, the deadline passed for a request I had made for financial information relating to the Climategate inquiries. This was for (1) a report, at invoice level, of monies expended re the Climategate inquiries and (2)...
  • Sir John responds Fri, 6 May 11, 9:23pm
    The "government" has responded to the Science and Technology Committee's report into the UEA inquiries.
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