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  • More Briffa vs Ridley Mon, 27 Jan 14, 9:01pm
    There has been another exchange between Keith Briffa and Matt Ridley in the pages of the Times. Briffa's new letter was as follows:
  • Yamal no more Sat, 29 Jun 13, 5:28pm
    Steve McIntyre has released a sudden flurry of blog posts on the subject of the Briffa et al 2013 paper. Today's offering contains the eye-opening news that CRU have finally backtracked from the Yamal hockey stick of "most...
  • Acton's blind eye Sat, 19 Jan 13, 5:32am
    Readers may recall that at the Science and Technology Committee hearings into Climategate, Professor Acton told MPs that when he had discovered that the Russell inquiry had failed to investigate the question of breaches of...
  • Fighting mad Sat, 25 Aug 12, 7:29pm
    Another interesting set of emails from the University of Arizona release. These ones date back to 2001, eight or nine months after the publication of the Third Assessment Report. The thread starts on 7 September, just days...
  • I've just noticed that UEA has posted a response to the recent flurry of postings about Yamal, both at Climate Audit and here.
  • RealClimate on Yamal Fri, 11 May 12, 9:50pm
    Gavin Schmidt has issued the official response to the recent excitement over Yamal. I have to say, even on a brief glance through it is a wild piece of writing.
  • The Yamal deception Tue, 8 May 12, 6:38pm
    As many readers are probably aware, there has been an important new posting at Climate Audit about the Yamal affair. This posting is an attempt to set out the whole story of Yamal. It reworks an article I did in 2009 and...
  • Still tricking people Mon, 25 Apr 11, 5:13pm
    I was sent this presentation by Australian scientist, Professor Will Steffen. This was apparently presented to the Multi-party Climate Change Committee (MCCC) in Canberra.
  • More Mother Jones Fri, 22 Apr 11, 5:32am
    I missed the video embedded in the Mother Jones article. This is hugely funny. The author seems to think that hide the decline was something to do with assessing twentieth century temperatures:
  • RS Publishing responds Tue, 19 Apr 11, 11:00pm
    In the wake of my posting about the changes in the Royal Society Publishing's policy on data openness, I wrote to the man in charge, Dr Stuart Taylor asking for his comments and specifically what prompted the change...
  • Josh 93 Thu, 14 Apr 11, 11:37pm
  • The wind from Hawaii Thu, 10 Mar 11, 6:53am
    Science has obtained statements from Eugene Wahl and Michael Mann regarding recent reports about the "delete all emails" episode. The major point of interest is that, Mann says that, contrary to some reports, he said nothing...
  • The Beddington challenge Wed, 23 Feb 11, 4:27pm
    Judith Curry has taken up Sir John Beddington's challenge to scientists to stand up and be counted in the battle against pseudoscience, with a long post on the subject of the Trick to Hide the Decline.
  • Holland - what was redacted Wed, 24 Nov 10, 11:28pm
    David H has posted his take on the importance of the redactions here. I was in the meantime working on my own version of the same story. I'll post it here anyway, in case people want a different take on the same facts.
  • UEA - a new story Wed, 24 Nov 10, 5:41am
    David Holland has asked me to post some details of a letter he has received from UEA via WhatDoTheyKnow. David is away this evening.
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