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  • Dr Mann in the dock - Josh 388 Thu, 30 Mar 17, 5:28am
    On this historic Brexit day the fun has not been confined to this continent. Over in the US they have had a 'hearing' on Climate Science with three of the world's most eminent climate scientists. Michael Mann was there too. 
  • ClimateGate 2.0? Tue, 7 Feb 17, 1:46am
    Just about everywhere. Story at Judy Curry's, Mail on Sunday, GWPF, WUWT,and Twitter of course.
  • Swivel eyed lunacy - Josh 316 Thu, 26 Feb 15, 7:48am
      Mad and madder Cartoons by Josh
  • It's a knock out - Josh 274 Fri, 2 May 14, 10:49pm
    Apparently one single post by Judith Curry needs thirty alarmist posts to rebut it, so says Victor Venema. Yes, her arguments are that good and alarmism is that weak!
  • Chill man - Josh 114 Sat, 30 Jul 11, 12:41am
    From the post at Climate Etc - more name calling of skeptics, but this one is ok.
  • The Beddington challenge Wed, 23 Feb 11, 4:27pm
    Judith Curry has taken up Sir John Beddington's challenge to scientists to stand up and be counted in the battle against pseudoscience, with a long post on the subject of the Trick to Hide the Decline.
  • Judy is climatologist of the year Sat, 29 Jan 11, 10:40pm
    Judith Curry has been acclaimed as climatologist of the year at the post-normal science conference in Lisbon. Her prize - a Josh t-shirt!
  • Purdue climate confab Fri, 12 Nov 10, 3:35am
    Video of the Purdue University event featuring, RP Jnr, Judith Curry and Andy Revkin is now available.
  • TV times Fri, 12 Nov 10, 2:02am
    A couple of dates for your diary. As several people have noted, Judith Curry is to give evidence on uncertainty and science policy at the US House of Representatives on 17th November. This is at 10:30am EST, which makes it...
  • The story of Curry Thu, 4 Nov 10, 9:30pm
    There is an excellent profile of Judith Curry in the Georgia Tech alumni magazine.
  • Report on the Purdue forum Thu, 4 Nov 10, 5:34pm
    Many will readers will know that there was a discussion last night between Judith Curry, Andy Revkin, Pielke Jnr and a Elizabeth McNie, a professor of political science and earth and atmospheric sciences.
  • How it all began Thu, 4 Nov 10, 7:18am
    Judith Curry looks at where the whole global warming thing came from. A must-read.
  • Judy C in Scientific American Sun, 24 Oct 10, 2:12am
    There is a major profile of Judy Curry in Scientific American. Read it here.
  • Judy blogs! Sat, 11 Sep 10, 3:55pm
    Judith Curry has decided to formalise her longstanding campaign to get people on both sides of the global warming debate to fling foul abuse at her. Her new blog is called Climate etc .
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