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  • Steve McIntyre has the scoop: According to the University of Victoria, Andrew Weaver says:
  • Unprecedented boing - Josh 305 Tue, 16 Dec 14, 9:13pm
      Talking of Climate Models, there is another great Climate Audit post titled "Unprecedented" Model Discrepancy where Richard Betts, once again, provides cartoon inspiration in the comments.
  • Climate elevations - Josh 304 Fri, 12 Dec 14, 4:57am
    There's an excellent post over at Climate Audit on Sheep Mountain, mentioned here too.
  • Tree ring proxies RIP Fri, 5 Dec 14, 7:28pm
    Well, well. Look what Steve McIntyre has found. After all those years of sceptics calling for tree-ring series to be updated so as to provide out-of-sample validation of their effectiveness as proxies, and all those years...
  • Manns rea? Thu, 11 Sep 14, 9:32pm
    Things seem to be hotting up on the Michael Mann front, not least because Steve McIntyre seems to have returned to blogging with a vengeance, assisted as always by his trusty band of followers...
  • Thingummydoodle noodle Thu, 7 Aug 14, 2:29am
    Brandon Shollenberger has a lovely post up looking at some recent comments by Skeptical Science insider Tom Curtis and Anders Thingummydoodle from the "And Then There's Physics" blog...
  • Steve McIntyre has dipped his toe into the murky waters of the ongoing furore about the Lawson/Hoskins interview and the BBC's decision that Lawson's position on last winter's floods was not (allegedly) supported by the scientific...
  • Ye olde techniques - Josh 273 Wed, 30 Apr 14, 8:16pm
      I thought the National Review article, posted here of course, was worth a cartoon. H/t Rick Cina in the comments for the peer-reviewed critiques of Mann's hockey sticks.
  • Behold, a Gordian - Josh 261 Mon, 3 Mar 14, 8:31pm
    If you read the comment threads at Climate Audit then you will be familiar with a character called Nick Stokes who argues the impossible and indefensible with great tenacity...
  • Up against the Wall - Josh 260 Fri, 28 Feb 14, 4:22am
    Over at Climate Audit Steve McIntyre's posts on the 'Mann vs Steyn' battle are great fun to read and the comments are very entertaining. The posts are here, here, here, here, here, and here, with another post added...
  • The nature of scientific advice Thu, 21 Nov 13, 8:30pm
    Writing in Nature yesterday, David Spiegelhalter and two other eminent scientists tried to explain to ministers how to understand the advice they get from scientists...
  • Cult science - Josh 244 Mon, 11 Nov 13, 9:07pm
    Steve McIntyre has a hilarious post about Lewandowsky and Mann drawing conclusions from of a sample size of zero. So I drew my own conclusions.
  • Low-sensitivity model outperforms Mon, 22 Jul 13, 7:00am
    Steve McIntyre has a must-read post about a low-sensitivity climate model which, when loaded up with actual greenhouse gas levels, completely outperforms the Met Office's HADGEM2.
  • Nurse's pants Sun, 14 Jul 13, 5:47am
    Steve McIntyre has written a splendid take down of Paul Nurse, and in particular the criticisms he made of yours truly in his correspondence with Nigel Lawson.
  • Yamal no more Sat, 29 Jun 13, 5:28pm
    Steve McIntyre has released a sudden flurry of blog posts on the subject of the Briffa et al 2013 paper. Today's offering contains the eye-opening news that CRU have finally backtracked from the Yamal hockey stick of "most...
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