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  • The Hockey Stick Illusion went out of print recently. This meant that the rights to the title reverted to me and I have spent most of the last couple of weeks trying to put my own edition out there so that it remains available.
  • Literary bits and pieces Tue, 20 Oct 15, 6:00pm
    A couple of snippets on the subject of The Hockey Stick Illusion.
  • The text of Peter Foster's talk at the House of Lords yesterday has been published by the GWPF and it's a fascinating read, taking in subjects as diverse as evolutionary psychology, economics (particularly of the DIY kind),...
  • BH endorsed by Skeptical Science Mon, 15 Dec 14, 11:47pm
    Barry Woods points me to this Skeptical Science thread (reproduced at Brandon's site), in which yours truly is discussed.
  • Tree ring proxies RIP Fri, 5 Dec 14, 7:28pm
    Well, well. Look what Steve McIntyre has found. After all those years of sceptics calling for tree-ring series to be updated so as to provide out-of-sample validation of their effectiveness as proxies, and all those years...
  • Manns rea? Thu, 11 Sep 14, 9:32pm
    Things seem to be hotting up on the Michael Mann front, not least because Steve McIntyre seems to have returned to blogging with a vengeance, assisted as always by his trusty band of followers...
  • Via Tom Nelson we learn that Michael Mann is misbehaving again. This time he's soliciting favourable Amazon reviews of his execrable book and he's also soliciting unfavourable ones of the Hockey Stick Illusion.
  • Thingummydoodle noodle Thu, 7 Aug 14, 2:29am
    Brandon Shollenberger has a lovely post up looking at some recent comments by Skeptical Science insider Tom Curtis and Anders Thingummydoodle from the "And Then There's Physics" blog...
  • The new review Thu, 5 Jun 14, 9:29pm
    A new review of The Hockey Stick Illusion has appeared at the Texas GOPVote blog:
  • The climate inquisitor Tue, 29 Apr 14, 10:52pm
    The National Review has done a long and in-depth article on Michael Mann and freedom of speech entitled The Climate Inquisitor.
  • Bean holds forth Thu, 9 Jan 14, 1:00am
    I chanced upon this interview of Richard Bean, the author of The Heretic. It covers the whole of his body of work but includes discussion of global warming, the influence of the Guardian, the substitution of abuse for argument...
  • The silence of the Manns Tue, 7 May 13, 5:21pm
      Judith Curry is highlighting a report by Emil Røyrvik of Norwegian outfit SINTEF, which looks at the climate wars in a not unbalanced fashion...
  • Comedy climate Thu, 4 Apr 13, 6:47am
    The social science community has launched its latest comedy contribution to the climate debate in the shape of a paper by sociologists Dunlap and Jacques...
  • A new HSI review Sat, 2 Mar 13, 12:34am
    The latest edition of Mathematics Today includes a review of the Hockey Stick Illusion. The reviewer seems to like it:
  • Climate Economics Tue, 22 Jan 13, 3:21am
    Climate Economics is Richard Tol's new book, currently available in draft for review here (I wasn't able to read it online - I had to download via the file menu).
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