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  • Ward off - Josh 367 Fri, 15 Apr 16, 11:29pm
    As you may know, Microsoft recently launched a Chat-bot called 'Tay' as an experiment in "conversational understanding." "The more you chat with Tay", said Microsoft, "the smarter it gets, learning to engage people...
  • The Bob-bot strikes again Fri, 8 Apr 16, 6:31pm
      At the end of last year, Bob Ward had this to say about a new paper on climate sensitivity:
  • A retwardian precis Fri, 26 Feb 16, 8:40pm
    At the Royal Society last night there was a meeting about the Paris climate agreement. It was chaired by Lord Stern. During the Q&A session afterwards, Benny Peiser asked a question as follows:
  • Bob's funding feedback Tue, 23 Feb 16, 9:32pm
    The government's plans to stop grant recipients from the taxpayer's largesse to lobby government has got the usual suspects all worked up: Bob Ward is his normal dismal form in the Guardian (Unknown funding blah! Check! Ideological...
  • Talking of comedians Fri, 12 Feb 16, 7:35am
    If you thought the antics of the greens at the Cuadrilla inquiry were silly, take a look at Bob the Blether's latest in the Independent, outlining a vast right-wing conspiracy centred on, erm, 55 Tufton Street, Westminster. 
  • Heretics 3, Jesuits 0 Thu, 23 Jul 15, 7:06pm
    IPSO has published its latest judgement on a case brought by Bob Ward against David Rose, the third in as many years. This revolved around a story last year about GISS's claim that 2014 was the warmest on record and their...
  • Debunk alarm - Josh 336 Tue, 14 Jul 15, 3:25am
    There's been a minor kerfuffle of bruised feathers on Twitter today about the speedy way our host debunked the latest paper from the LSE. It does seem that blogs are increasingly agile in spotting duff science - something...
  • Bob Ward and the Grantham Institute are jumping up and down this morning about a new paper the Institute has published. It's fair to say the conclusions of author Fergus Green, as reported in the Grantham Institute press...
  • This morning, I asked Michael Liebreich - a green-tinged businessman and potential candidate for London mayor - about his views on aid for fossil fuel projects in Africa...
  • Bob spurned Sat, 28 Mar 15, 2:39am
    Bob Ward's latest attempt to silence dissenters from the climate consensus has ended, once again, in ignominious defeat, with the Independent Press Standards people telling him that his complaint against David Rose necessitated...
  • For whom the bell Tols - Josh 311 Fri, 30 Jan 15, 10:07pm
    Richard Tol says that Bob Ward is 'engaged in a smear campaign' against him. Reading quite a bit of what Bob has written over the past few years, and not just about Richard but about many others, it is difficult not to agree.
  • This was just posted by Richard Tol. I reproduce it here for public edification:
  • Hitchens on freedom of speech Mon, 12 Jan 15, 11:01pm
    A propos of my recent flurry of posts on freedom of speech, here is Christopher Hitchens on the subject. Some lessons in there for Lord Deben and Bob Ward I would say.
  • Bob Ward's interview with Conor Gearty is fun, with the film-noir style making Bob look even stranger than normal. His views are amusing too, having only the loosest connections with the science. Take this bit on the 2-degree...
  • Finger puppets - Josh 302 Sun, 23 Nov 14, 5:31am
    As was noted here in the comments, by our host, maybe we should be
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