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In order to add your listing, you will need to be logged in first, so either:

A registered account is required in order to add your listing, this is for administration purposes and provide a valid email for enquires to be forwarded to. This is also done to stop 'drive by listings', i.e. automated or spammy type listings which aren't any good; we like to have real and useful listings.

Please read first..

The listing you provide has to contain at least: a title, a short description, a valid website URL. You may also choose to provide address and telephone details plus a longer description. If you do provide an address you will have the option to show a Map on your full listing (see here for an example); and yes its an option as we understand some people don't like having a map Pin right over their property for all to see. Also if you provide a contact email address, you will get a feedback form in your full listing as well (yes, for free, we are strange like that). As previously mentioned if you provide a valid backlink to our site from your site you will get indexed by our search engine and you will get boosted in the category listing (basically changed to a boxed listing with site snapshot instead of a simple textual entry, more visually eye catching and higher placed in the page).

To put a backlink in just copy the html shown in the box above into a page on your website (either on the homepage, or one link away from your homepage) and update your site. Then when you complete your submission, our web site crawler that makes your site thumbnail will automatically pick up the backlink and give you a better placed listing entry and a search boost as a thank you.

But won't putting in a backlink to your site ruin my search engine ranking? - Answer: Actually quite the opposite, unlike other directory services, we have done extensive work ensuring that when you link back to us the benefits will work both ways and justly so; we do not want to just 'grab traffic' off you - rather foster a benefical growth of traffic for all and hence grow the community. Also a lot of work has been done to make the EcoWho site well indexed and referenced in its own right and by linking back to us, you get that benefit as well in full.

How do I know if my website will get the best benefit from back linking? - Answer: Well it comes down to how well put together your website is in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Performance and general content. If you are not sure we can recommend a good online tool for you to check with, the Website Checker from Aykira - click here to access.