• Radioactive water worry at plant Sun, 27 Mar 11, 5:28pm
    Officials in Japan said the radioactivity in water at a crippled nuclear plant is testing 10 million times higher than normal.
  • Nuclear plant operator criticised Sun, 27 Mar 11, 11:27am
    Japan's government has revealed a series of missteps by the operator of a radiation-leaking nuclear plant, including sending workers in without protective footwear in its faltering efforts to...
  • 'Lights out' events for Earth Hour Sun, 27 Mar 11, 7:27am
    People in 134 countries and territories including the UK are switching off their lights for an hour to support action to create a sustainable future for the planet.
  • Labour's nuclear position 'absurd' Sun, 27 Mar 11, 1:26am
    Competing visions for the use of nuclear power in Scotland will be a "major" issue of the Holyrood election, SNP leader Alex Salmond says.
  • Nuclear plant cooled by fresh water Sat, 26 Mar 11, 11:26pm
    US naval barges loaded with fresh water are speeding towards Japan's overheated nuclear plant to help workers scrambling to stem a worrying rise in radioactivity and remove dangerously contaminated...
  • China sticking with nuclear power Sat, 26 Mar 11, 7:26pm
    China said it has faith in the safety of its nuclear power technology and will not scrap plans to expand its domestic industry because of Japan's crisis.
  • Contamination fears rise at plant Sat, 26 Mar 11, 7:26pm
    A possible breach at Japan's troubled nuclear plant has escalated the crisis anew, two full weeks after an earthquake and tsunami first compromised the facility.
  • Warning on rhino 'poaching crisis' Sat, 26 Mar 11, 3:23am
    Africa's rhinos are facing their worst poaching crisis in decades with organised crime syndicates killing more than 800 in the past three years alone, conservationists said.
  • US agency accused over coal ash Fri, 25 Mar 11, 9:23pm
    The US federal government promoted some uses of coal ash, including in wall boards or as filler in road embankments, without properly testing the environmental risks, according to a report from...
  • Hunt for 'fab four' oil beetles Fri, 25 Mar 11, 9:23pm
    A nationwide hunt has been launched for a "fab four" quartet of oil beetles, which are at risk of vanishing from the UK countryside.
  • Bathing waters profiled online Fri, 25 Mar 11, 9:23pm
    Beaches and swimming spots in England and Wales have been rated and their details put on the internet, the Environment Agency has said.
  • Badger Trust seeks legal advice Fri, 25 Mar 11, 8:28am
    The Badger Trust said it will be taking legal advice as the Welsh Assembly rolls out plans for a cull programme.
  • Strong earthquake strikes Burma Fri, 25 Mar 11, 4:27am
    A strong earthquake has struck north-eastern Burma, shaking buildings as far away as Bangkok.
  • UK rejected Japan-style reactor Fri, 25 Mar 11, 2:27am
    The Government turned down the same type of nuclear reactor engineers are struggling to bring under control at Japan's Fukushima plant, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has said.
  • Ultrasound scan for venomous fish Fri, 25 Mar 11, 2:27am
    Keepers at a marine wildlife park have been using ultrasound - and chain mail gloves - to find out whether one of their venomous fish is pregnant.
  • Germany is determined to take the lead in showing the world how abandoning nuclear energy can be done, betting billions on expanding the use of renewable energy to meet power demands instead.
  • Plant workers exposed to radiation Thu, 24 Mar 11, 8:26pm
    Three workers have been exposed to radioactive elements and injured at Japan's tsunami-crippled plant.
  • Bid to halt badger cull rejected Thu, 24 Mar 11, 12:26pm
    Efforts to halt a cull of badgers in Wales have been overwhelmingly rejected by Assembly Members.
  • Safety valve at heart of Gulf spill Thu, 24 Mar 11, 12:26pm
    A trapped piece of drill pipe prevented a fail-safe device from stopping last year's massive BP Gulf oil spill, a US government investigation has found.
  • Ireland's wildlife audit unveiled Thu, 24 Mar 11, 6:59am
    Ireland's scenic mountains, woodlands and waterways are home to more than 31,000 different species of flora and fauna.
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