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What is Climate?
Last updated 5:31 am, Thursday 20th December 2012

What is Climate?

Simply put the climate is either:

  • What we personally experience 'now' in terms of temperature, humidity, wind, etc  OR
  • It is the Earth's climate system as a whole.

I know that sounds very broad, but to be honest the word 'climate' has become somewhat overloaded and abused over the last few years. Especially given all the concern around Climate Change and whether we as humans have had a negative impact on the climate as whole.

What is Climate Change?

The phrase 'climate change' on its own just literally means the climate changes... To draw anything more from it without context is just pushing an agenda. Remember the climate changes itself continuously, on a short time scale (hours or days) this is known as the weather. Longer time scales, say months, are perhaps more associated with the seasons (Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn). Longer than that we get into trends associated with oscillations in the atmosphere, Solar energy output and the tilt of the Earth; which can run into many thousands if not millions of years.

What is Man Made Climate Change?

This specifically refers to the theory that man has somehow managed to impact on the climate in such a way as to 'disrupt' the normal climate processes and cycles in a negative way. The leading theory is that the increase in Co2 through burning fossil fuels has 'heated' the atmosphere and thereby created global warming and adverse climate change.

The problem for the theory is that the last 16 years have not shown an increase in temperature whilst the Co2 concentration has gone up. Combine this with the fact that:

  • The Seas have not risen dramatically by meters;
  • The Polar Bears are increasing in numbers;
  • Glaciers are advancing.

And all the 'normal' measurements of global warming/climate change are NOT proving valid. For instance all the models used by the IPCC have overshoot in their predictions for future temperature

In fact the IPCC are having a hard time finding anything significant from observations to show that global warming/climate change are actually occurring at a rate that anyone should get worried about. See the latest leaked draft report.

What is really happening?

The sad fact is that a lot of money has been spent on trying to solve a problem which never really existed in the first place. Climate change has become more of a political mind set than a real problem, and due to that it is very dangerous to the viability of our political processes. Why? Well, there is an assumption that if you go into politics you will be of 'sound mind' and rational; the Climate Change mindset is anything but that. They do not want to debate, discuss or prove why we should act in response the supposed Climate Change; this means an awful lot of time, money & effort is spent chasing a dream - and its a dream without a happy ending - as all the money would have been spent for nothing. 

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What is Climate?
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