Indonesia to cut down rainforests for $1Bn climate aid

By Eco Guy 1:35am 24th November 2010
Indonesia plans to class large areas of its remaining natural forests as "degraded" in order to cut them down and receive nearly $1bn of climate aid for replanting them with palm trees and biofuel crops.

Strange, sad and true, see this article.

Basically, this is just one of the unfortunate consequences in a long line of ill thought out climate change policies, namely bio fuels in the form of growing palms..

In fact this problem with bio fuels has a twin; namely Al Gore's recent statement that the subsidy of corn-based ethanol and his support, was a mistake.

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  • Aldriansyah Putra said:

    More evective to planting plans in wide area with count some distance among the tree that depend on the tree consuption of carbon than concentrate them in one area like a jungle. for example to plan tree along a street in a city, it directly consume and reduce carbon emicy from vehicle, and people who live in the city enjoy air with low carbon, then we plan much tree on one place far from urban, the people consume high carbon gases in the air, and the jungle consume little carbon gas because it not arrived to jungle.

    ON Tue, 6 Sep 11, 4:34am probably from Indonesia  Reply to this comment

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