Property Assess App for buying or renting property released.

By Eco Guy 10:59pm 28th March 2011
We have just completed an application that will assist you with the process of considering properties for sale or to rent. It should take away much of the stress with keep track of notes, photos and key details.

Buying a property? Want to reduce stress and stay in control?

If you are looking to buy property or rent property, then this easy to use Android application will help you by providing a handy way to collect and maintain a database of properties as you do your searching and analysis of the real estate available. No more lost notes or phone numbers, unreadable scribbles or mixed up photos. Be that bit quicker to make solid decisions and pick the property right for you.

For each property you can enter the address, price range and agent contact details. Then for each room you can enter room size and associated details very easy. For each room you can record photos associated with that room and quickly take voice notes using the built in voice recorder function.

To help quickly assess each room you can also rate it from Excellent to Terrible in six steps. This ensures the rating is actually meaningful to you and practical. You can also enter an overall rating for the property which is shown on the master list of properties in the database.

Also per room you can enter a 'cost adjustment'; i.e. how much it would cost to 'do up' the room. These are summed across all rooms, so you can quickly see how much extra you would need to spend to get the property just right. This could also be used by a renovator to assess a job.

There is built in integration to maps so you can quickly view the real estate in context or jump to the Street View.

Also to aid quick entry the program can extract key details off real estate listing web sites, with a back link to the original page for quick reference.

There is support for emailing your notes to others, so you can quickly share your findings. Also built in is support to tie in to your address book, with quick access to the entry for the agent; as well as support for setting an appointment which is tied back to your phones calendar.

Full instructions are included and the app has been shown to work on tablets and Honeycomb.

This app we reckon is ideal for those buying properties, those renting properties or even agents, assessors, contractors and builders looking for a quick and easy way to get down key real estate details.

The app is under rapid development and as such feedback from you will be appreciated to ensure we on the right track. Also once you have bought the app core features will be updated for free.

If you wish to buy it or find out more click here.

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